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  • 1.  Discrepancies between WFM and GXCI data

    Posted 07-27-2021 05:20

    Hi everyone,

    I have been comparing data between WFM and GCXI such as Service Level, AHT and Interaction Volume, and realise that there are discrepancies between the two systems. I understand that WFM data is computed from information in the Stat Server, and depending on the method of calculation, in tandem with the rules around timesteps, the aggregated numbers may vary when compared against GCXI. 

    However, I assume that when we look at a period across a day, these differences would be minimal, but that does not seem to be case. For instance, on some days, we would have interaction volumes of up to 90 calls difference between GCXI and WFM.

    I am trying to understand how Stat Server works, and more particularly what the relationship between GCXI and WFM is. Does anyone have any experience/ insights in this space that might be able to shed some light?

    Thank you in advance.




    Hou Ket Tang
    Brisbane City Council

  • 2.  RE: Discrepancies between WFM and GXCI data

    Posted 10-22-2021 02:41
    Hello Hou,

    Comparing WFM, Pulse, and Historical reporting is an exciting challenge.
    As you mentioned, different apps have different ways of collecting and accumulating data.
    It all depends on the parameter that you are focusing on, however, with Service Level, it is likely that GCXI has different values because of explicating interactions that were abandoned and meet the requirements for the Short-abandoned threshold:

    • Short-abandoned threshold-the number of seconds in queue that you determine to be an insufficient amount of time for interactions to have been distributed before that interaction was abandoned by the customer or dropped for any other reason. This threshold applies only to online media; if it is used in a report to describe offline media, a value of zero is displayed.
    So, some of the calls won't be presented in the GCXI report as they were abandoned in the first 5 seconds.

    Feel free to check docs regarding Genesys Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Options:
    For detailed checks, you can drill down regular reports to observe 15 min intervals, or use a detailed Handling Attempt report to check each particular interaction detail.

    Best regards,

    Viacheslav Ivshin
    Genesys - Employees

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