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Favorites - Consulting 'Custom'

  • 1.  Favorites - Consulting 'Custom'

    Posted 08-10-2021 07:52
    Hi community,

    I have a query on the use of Customer Favourites for outcalls.
    We have multiple Favourites set up for agents where the call is an outcall to a landline number.
    Agents use pretty heavily.  What I note is that, in GCXI reporting, when the agents call these Favourites we're unable to identify which favourite has been called.
    eg, the agent might pass the customer on to the other number, when the call connects.  Or the agent might only consult with the 3rd party on the other side of this.
    Either way, we don't see the number in the 'To' field of the Interaction record for the consult/transfer and we don't see any other field available to reference which favourite the agent used.
    I'm assuming there is something we've not set, which we should, to allow us a view on this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kenny Lang
    Hutchison 3G UK Limited