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Supervisor Activity Reporting

  • 1.  Supervisor Activity Reporting

    Posted 05-17-2021 04:24
    Hello all,

    Hoping someone can help out with this topic.  Really struggling here to find anything meaningful.

    What we're looking for is some reporting on Supervisor activities.
    With the really radical changes to ways of working last year we've found a few little issues we need to keep an eye on.
    One of the quirks of monitoring agent behaviour (who're all now working remotely) we discovered is on the 'Stop Action' results from Interaction Handling Attempt Reporting (IHAR).
    An issue found is that where a call has been 'live monitored' by a team leader/manager the 'Stop Action' result reflects incorrectly. ie, it reflects as if the agent has ended the call rather than the calling party.
    What we're looking for then is some reporting on the Supervisors activity themselves.  Which calls they have live monitored and some of the stats around that.
    OOB IHAR does not appear to show a line of data to demonstrate the call was live monitored.

    Anyone currently reporting on this or know how to go about it?



    Kenny Lang
    Hutchison 3G UK Limited