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  • 1.  ORS id_customer

    Posted 10-14-2021 03:25
    Appreciate your inputs on this.
    We got an inquiry where in Context Services they have multiple IDs per document. That is, more than one ID is presented to us by a client (they identify the client with the document number). Which prevents the management of a single journey per customer.

    The document number is stored in the strattribute10 field of the UCS DB. So for example, document client 41580854 has 2 different IDs in UCS;
    0004VbERDCE01BEG and 0001SbDY3FPR8E63. They were able to identify the creation of these records in the ORS logs:
    'id_customer'  '0004VbERDCE01BEG'
     'id_customer'  '0001SbDY3FPR8E63'
            'documento'   '41580854'
            'documento'   '41580854'

    The question is there a way to know why or how different IDs are being created per document?
    Is it possible to see the name of the strategy that does it? Since it is impossible to manage a single journey per customer, the integrated functionalities on the IVR are affected.

    Thanks for the inputs!


    Jose Mari Pulmano
    Genesys - Employees