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  • 1.  30 min metric in GCXI

    Posted 03-16-2022 16:26

    I'm trying to create a 30 minute metric in GCXI to add to numerous reports. We can currently see queue data to 15 mins or 1 hour when we drill, but 30 mins seems to have issues.

    Any ideas for a formula I could use? or any other ideas?



  • 2.  RE: 30 min metric in GCXI

    Posted 03-18-2022 14:33

    Hi Anthony;

    I checked with the GCXI team, and they suggested you might try following these steps :

    1. In MicroStrategy Developer, navigate to CX Insights project.
    2. Open the folder \GCXI\Time\Custom\
    3. Create an attribute, for example, "Subhour 30 min" with ID form equal to LABEL_YYYY_MM_DD_HH24_30INT
    4. Depend Children as the Subhour attribute from the Time folder.
    5. Depend Parent as the Hour attribute from the Time folder.
    6. Save the attribute, and click Update schema.

    This should make attributes Subhour and Subhour 30 min both available for drill in parallel for GCXI reports.

    I'd note that this is an advanced procedure, and not an officially published procedure, so if you encounter difficulties, you might discuss with Customer Care. 

    Hope this helps and best regards,

    Tony Gilchrist

    Genesys IX

    Tony Gilchrist
    Genesys - Employees