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  • 1.  BGS logs: Hub error. 'message-code'='902'

    Posted 05-06-2022 06:01
    Dear All,

    has somebody help with identifying this warning received in WDE during a whatsapp conversation, and also identified in BGS logs?

    '_umsResExtText'='Hub error. Try to send the message later', 'message-code'='902', 'message-text'='rejected by 'channel-whatsapp-VF_Support', 'Hub error. Try to send the message later'', 'message-type'='error'}


    Arben Maksuti
    Vodafone Albania

  • 2.  RE: BGS logs: Hub error. 'message-code'='902'

    Posted 07-13-2022 17:09
    Apologies for the delay in response.  Have you tried opening a support request with Genesys Customer Care to troubleshoot this issue?

    Ginger Alford
    Program Manager, Product Strategy & Operations
    Genesys - Employee