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  • 1.  Prioritized Blind Transfer Using Script

    Posted 05-05-2022 16:33

    I am trying to know if it would be possible to do a blind transfer to a queue using a script but with priority.

    When a customer contacts us, an attribute A or B is being passed in order to route to the correct queue.
    Attribute A would route the interaction to queue A, and attribute B would route interactions to queue B.

    Our use case is:
    A customer contacts us via chat but was directed to the incorrect queue, queue A. As a result, the agent will transfer the chat interaction to queue B using a script. 
    Is it possible to add priority to the transferred interaction has priority over the interactions in queue A?

    Additionally, is it possible to change the attribute A to B (and vice versa) when transferring using a script?

    Thank you,
    #Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Louis D.

  • 2.  RE: Prioritized Blind Transfer Using Script

    Posted 05-05-2022 20:28
    For calls emails and messages (not sure if that will work with a webchat), For Priority updates we have been doing this in the InQ flows with the new Update Priority and Update Skill Actions. Don't think the API behind it works in the agent script as that would update the priority of the current connect call not the blind transfer.

    The other option is to go to an inbound flow on button click in the Script and from there update priority before doing the transfer to ACD action.

    As for updating attributes in the agent script.
    You can setup a DataAction eg
    PATCH /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}/participants/{participantId}/attributes
    That updates Participant Data, then in your script button, just call the DataAction before doing the blind transfer, if staff are not using the script to do transfer, and using the Genesys call UI to blind transfer, then again in the InQ flow you could do a check there and update the Attribute there instead.

    If you are using WebChat instead of Messaging for your chats your options may be more limited.

    Anton Vroon

  • 3.  RE: Prioritized Blind Transfer Using Script

    Posted 05-09-2022 13:27
    Thank you @Anton Vroon

    The agents are using the script so that we drive where the transfers go in the backend.

    Currently, with the script, we do a lookup in the transfer queue, and if there is an agent available, the interaction can be transferred. Doing this, there is no priority set when the interaction is transferred.

    What I am trying to do is add priority to the transferred interaction since the customer was already speaking with an agent. Based on what you said, it seems that the way to go is to transfer the interaction to an inbound flow instead of a blind transfer to a queue right? The inbound flow would allow us to set the rules we want for transferred interactions if I understand correctly.

    Louis D.

  • 4.  RE: Prioritized Blind Transfer Using Script

    Posted 05-09-2022 16:03
    Correct. Sending the call to a inbound flow from the Agent Script and set the priority and other participant data there, as well as do any other checks, time of day etc if required. However we at least found that some staff did not follow this process and still did the transfer direct to queue outside of the agent script, so we added some logic in the In Queue flow, to check if it was one of these types of calls and if it was to add priority there.

    Anton Vroon

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