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  • 1.  Architect Create Callback

    Posted 11-30-2021 09:07
    When using/testing "Create Callback" feature in Architect we came across something that we could not find documented anywhere by Genesys.
    So, here is what happened.
    Navigating IVR (which uses Architect's  "create callback" feature) flow, a caller eventually went to the callback to leave message after hearing prompt to start recording.
    Then during the time of leaving a message (and before hanging up), the caller pressed (accidentally or intentionally) a "dtmf", on their phone set.
    This action brought up whole new dialog to the caller to act upon. It was speech enabled and offered the caller to cancel, re-listen or complete the message.
    If the caller then pressed another dtmf, then dialog would switch to dtmf enabled , offering to press 1/2/3/4 in order to receptively re-listen, send, re-record or cancel callback all together.
    This is very surprising and leave us with no idea how to control this feature, as it seems to be like a "black box".
    Is there anything that we can do about that , in order to control this additional dialogs (e.g. can we disable it altogether, so caller pressing a dtmf during callback voicemail recording does not trigger that additional dialog(s))

    Milos Perovic,
    ADP, INC.

  • 2.  RE: Architect Create Callback

    Posted 12-01-2021 04:50
    Apologies, all above refers to "Transfer to Voicemail", NOT "Create Callback" as wrongly stated.

    Milos Perovic
    ADP, INC.