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SalesForce Screen Pop Issues

  • 1.  SalesForce Screen Pop Issues

    Posted 12-07-2021 14:34
    Edited by Tina Yocum 12-07-2021 16:55


    We have call flows that trigger a screen pop in SalesForce using data actions. The screen pop is triggered and the call routed to the agent in the appropriate queue.  The issue we are having is with the incoming call.  The scenario should be when the screen pop is triggered and the agent receives the call, the incoming ANI should populate in a Phone Search field in SalesForce.  For this specific action, the phone search page is a custom tab in SalesForce.

    We would like to be able to populate the Phone Search based on Call.Ani. With the current data action, nothing happens but the CTI adapter displays the caller information and the agent then types the ANI into the Phone Search field which is time consuming while the page loads.

    In the inbound flow data the action is configured with the attribute name BR_URL = "https://instance address/apex/NxCSHIConsoleSearch?ph=Call.Ani", and the next step is to the hand call off to the queue, but the BR_URL is not doing anything.

    Any ideas how or if this can be configured to succeed?

    Thank you!


    Tina Yocum
    Nxstage Medical, Inc.