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transfer number external issue

  • 1.  transfer number external issue

    Posted 05-13-2022 03:17
    Edited by Chengcheng Zhang 30 days ago

    Hi Community

    We have built a task in our call flow which was used to transfer to vendor using transfer to number.
    after transferred to vendor, it would enter vendor's call flow which ask user to input account number and password to do the authentication.

    we found there was an issue when do transfer from Genesys, user input 123456 as account number, unfortunately, the input became to 112233445566 which we got from vendor log.

    I'm sure this issue was from Genesys, because there are no issue if I directly call 08012345678 which let me input correct account number and password.

    I have no idea why the input(123456) become 112233445566 after transferred to external from Genesys ?

    by the way, if I change the perform release link transfer to True, the interaction disconnected directly.


    Chengcheng Zhang
    FIL Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited