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  • 1.  How to purge recordings older than 200 days

    Posted 01-05-2022 10:16

    ​Dear All,

    I'd like you to ask about retention policy.

    The goal is to purge recordings older than 200 days.

    Meanwhile there are two retention policies defined:

    1. archiving:

    This policy applies to all recordings
    perfom the following action(s):
           store media at \\SERVER\Recordings
           re-evaluate retention policies in 1 minute
           archive recordings to \\SERVER\Recordings\Archive for ARCHIVE with chunks of 1GB

    2. for purging

    If the interaction meets the following criteria:
            recordings is older than 200 days old
            recording has been archived: true
    perform the following action(s):
            re-evaluate retention policies when recordings are 6 months old
            purge the media only

    Are above retention policies defined correctly?

    Archiving is working correctly, but do not know if purging is correct.

    Thank you for explanation and tips

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 2.  RE: How to purge recordings older than 200 days

    Posted 01-09-2022 20:55
    Hi Pavel,

    It is not clear why you want to re-evaluate all recordings every 1 minute. This will put a lot of strain on your database server, will slow it down and will bring it down eventually, unless you have only few recordings in the system.
    I would set the re-evaluation to 200 days, when it is time to delete them.

    Also note that you are deleting the media only. That means that the database record for each recording will remain intact, thus will continue to be re-evaluated every
    I would delete both the recording and the media. If you do need to retain the database record without the media, then change the re-evaluation from 1 minute to longer (few months, or years, or whenever you want them to be re-evaluated). If you intend to retain the database record for each recording indefinitely, then do not set the re-evaluation for the recordings with the deleted media at all.

    Also note that the purge does not delete the archived copies of your recordings stored in \\SERVER\Recordings\Archive. The CIC server has no control over the archived copies. You need to come up with your own method of purging the archived copies.

    Hope it helps

    Igor Dinissuk
    Optima Communications International Inc.

  • 3.  RE: How to purge recordings older than 200 days

    Posted 02-09-2022 05:58
    Edited by Vincent Heijmans 02-09-2022 06:00

    so what we should do in the retention bit of the policies is to

    top of your policies:

    • purge recordings older than 200 days.
    1. give the recording a retention size, 200 days.
    2. give the recording a location , store it, encrypt it if needed.
    3. give the recording a re-evaluation date, 201 days. STOP processing!

    expand this logic for ever retention sizes,
    tip is to give the recording itself logical attributes, for example stamp the 200d retention as an recording attribute.

    ive seen systems die on the recorder, ive seen databases turn into madness because of wrongly implemented recorder policies.
    take care and good luck.

    Vincent Heijmans
    BMW Group Munich

  • 4.  RE: How to purge recordings older than 200 days

    Posted 02-22-2022 05:35
    Hi Vincent,

    Could it looks like bellow?

    Maybe there is necessary to create two policies, one for saving recordings to shared folder and second one to re-evaluate ones, which are 200 days old.

    1. store recordings
    2. re-evaluate

    all recording
    store to shared folder



    - if recordings are 200 days old


    - set them Attribute "ATTR_Retention=200d"
    - store ones to folder xyz
    - re-evaluate recording 200 days after last re-evaluation again
    - archive ones
    - stop processing



    And what is purpose of recording attribute?

    Thank you for tips and explanation

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 5.  RE: How to purge recordings older than 200 days

    Posted 02-22-2022 07:59
    Our policies work pretty dynamic, with lots of attributes we set on the interaction when it hits the initiator,
    makes the recorder policy as lean as possible, and the management of the recorder could be partly moved to the admin itself (workgroup/roles/agents)

    best practice is to purge on top, we purge what we don't need (anymore). (older than 200days)
    STOP processing more. If a recorder record on the database is past due, it will pass the policies from top to bottom.

    logical names, logical attributes, logical tags.

    in this example, we purge media only, and re-evaluate that in a quarter. u can ignore that and purge all if needed.

    SO if a new recording comes in, we set re-evaluation period,
    again logical attributes we had on the interaction already, and we set logical tags on the recording.
    because we did not store it yet... we don't STOP it yet...

    so then we have a part with NAS Shares - different groups/ different locations / different customers.

    • then we want to store the recording,
    • STOP processing more.
    again we publish logical tags to the recordings.

    best part is the security:

    admin role on top, with every right enabled, and STOP processing more!.

    but for users/supervisors:
    we only show recordings, if the TAG STORED is part of the recording record..
    and if the security tag and the user role (supervisor role) is added to the user.

    the user is part of the role
    on the workgroup we have the Security tag.
    the stored tag is only there if the recording is stored correctly.

    big pro's in building the recorder like this, is that you only need to add security eventually, and the NAS shares..
    there is way more, as this is not an easy topic to understand. please take care the re-eval dates / purge rules...
    any issues result in:
    - stored for ever.
    - stored retention double length, if re-evaluation is to small versus retention size.

    Vincent Heijmans
    BMW Group Munich