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GCAP Community Members of the Month!

  • 1.  GCAP Community Members of the Month!

    Posted 07-08-2019 06:34

    Hello everybody!

    Yet again, I have the honor of announcing this month's GCAP Community Members of the Month! With so many rock stars in the community, the decision was tough, but there were two members who really distinguished themselves this month.

    Jason McIennan has been a beast of a resource distributor and problem-solver. In many of his replies, he has included links to share product release notes and application guides.

    One post that Jason created included an incredibly technical question. After some digging, he found a solution to it and decided to share it in his reply to his original post. He did this to share his solution with others that may have the same issue. Jason has displayed his dedication to providing for his fellow members.

    John Everman is a new member, but he has hit the ground running and secured the Top 25 contributor ribbon! With already more than 15 connections, he is building a strong network as well.

    A moment where John stands out the most is when he replied to a member's question and stated that he would be available for a call where he could provide a walkthrough. When it comes to his interaction with his fellow members, he has proven himself as a tremendous resource.

    GCAP Members of the Month receive community-wide recognition and are awarded 5000 GCAP Points! You can sign up for GCAP by clicking here or you can learn more by emailing


    Cole Callahan
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Coordinator