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ASR Server Web Interface not loading

  • 1.  ASR Server Web Interface not loading

    Posted 07-26-2022 07:36
    Starting Monday I noticed that the ASR web UI on one of our servers does not load. I RDP'd to the server and I see the ININ ASR services running, and then navigate to localhost:8120 sometimes it will prompt me for a username and password but after entering it the web page just spins and never displays information. The only exception is right after the server is rebooted. On the first attempt to log in I will see a part of the Web UI but when I click Server Status or any other option it just hangs and never displays anything useful.

    I assume that behind the scenes there is an IIS server or something that hosts this page. Is it possible that something has been corrupted and a cache needs to be cleared?    We are in the middle of a platform upgrade and our Pureconnect version slipped into End of Life so support cannot assist.  Any ideas?

    This is the web UI from the server that is still working as expected.

    Web UI from working server


    Josh Herron

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