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  • 1.  Change ringtone for one user

    Posted 03-27-2023 06:28


    We have one agent who finds that the ringing tone from Genesys Cloud is very loud, especially in contrast to the volume of the call. So they end up having to increase the volume during a call and reduce it when the call ends.

    We've tried, as best we can see, every setting in GC to remedy this. We've reduce the notification alert volume and when it is testing the sound (there is a button next to the slider to test it), it lowers the volume. But when a call comes in again, she says it's back to the same volume as before.

    I've tried reducing the sound level here, putting it onto a speaker and reducing that volume (causes some other issues for her), etc etc. 

    She's using Auto Answer, using an embedded Salesforce client with the GC app in the background (for screen recording) - not ideal but we haven't deployed GCBA yet. I've tried muting the alert in the SFDC phone settings but that seemingly had no impact either (or vice versa).

    The one other option I did wonder about is whether Genesys Cloud is storing the ringtone files locally, in which case could I just replace the file with a low-volume version? But I can't see the file in the install location so I guess that isn't the case - presumably it is streaming it each time.

    1) Is anyone able to confirm that?

    2) Does anyone have any other suggestions on what we may try?


    James Dunn
    Pitney Bowes Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Change ringtone for one user

    Posted 03-28-2023 03:11
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    Hello James,

    I too always have the ringtone turn out a little louder when I set it up and test it in Genesys.
    The important thing is: the volume you set refers to the hardware selected in the dropdown just above the volume sliders and NOT to the created hardware profile at the top. So care must be taken to select the correct hardware for which to adjust the volume. Also, it helps to turn the volume down SIGNIFICANTLY for ringing and then test it with a real call. 
    I am attaching a screenshot.

    Best regards

    Translated with (free version)

    Christoph Domaschke

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