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  • 1.  Duration / Handle Time when Selecting Interaction for Evaluation

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hey Everyone,

    We are looking for some feedback from our users of Quality Management / Evaluations.

    When it comes to selecting an interaction for evaluation, whether through a Policy or Adhoc, do you look at the duration or handle time of the interaction to decide on whether the interaction would be a candidate for review?

    Also, what criteria is the one that you use in this regard:
    • Overall Call Duration (including IVR, ACD, etc.)
    • Agent Specific Handle Time (including Alerting, Talk Time and Hold Time)
    • Agent Specific Talk Time (includes Talk Time only, not Holds)
    • Other?
    Do you find Duration as it exists today (i.e. Overall Call Duration) in Policies sufficient for your needs, or would something more agent be specific be more appropriate?

    Overall, if you can share:

    • What is your desired query parameters to identify interactions of interest (i.e. per channels what you would wish to be included within the 'time' you are looking after, such as ACW, talk time, hold time, dialing, etc.)
    • If you currently use 'duration' as a matching criteria for your policy are there any limitations that you've experienced?


    Rakesh Tailor
    Vice President, Product Management
    Recording, Quality, Survey, Speech and Text Analytics
    Genesys Cloud

  • 2.  RE: Duration / Handle Time when Selecting Interaction for Evaluation

    Posted 3 days ago
    Our parameters are currently 4-15 minutes. Sometimes that brings in very short calls from an agent handle perspective because it's capturing IVR time. I would prefer that the time in the IVR not be considered for the length of the call that is selected by the system for review.

    Amber Krueger
    Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC