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  • 1.  Forecasting Question

    Posted 12-21-2022 14:05

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to let Genesys know that we don't want calls to be forecasted after 5:00 PM each day. We use the Automatic Best Method Selection and each time we create a forecast and schedules for the new month, it has a few calls listed in the forecast after 5:00 PM. We have to manually go in and add modifications to clear out those calls that it adds. Our contact center closes at 5:00 PM so we don't want it to forecast after that time. Is there a way we can tell Genesys not to forecast after a specific time?


    Addison Hild

  • 2.  RE: Forecasting Question

    Posted 12-22-2022 08:18
    I commented on a similar ask on a prior thread that may be of interest:

    Jay Langsford
    VP, R&D