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Genesys Desktop App / System Freeze on 2nd Interaction

  • 1.  Genesys Desktop App / System Freeze on 2nd Interaction

    Posted 12 days ago
    Hello Community,

    Our agents often times when receiving a voice interaction and putting that interaction on hold, will then call from queue to an external party/vendor.  This outbound voice interaction when calling a vendor can take quite a few minutes to complete.

    What we are seeing is that after at least 1:20 seconds up to 15 minutes on that Outbound voice interaction, that the Genesys Desktop App will freeze, causing a full Windows 10 OS to freeze and both voice interactions are dropped and then system resumes normal operation.  We do not see any breadcrumbs in Windows event logs correllating to the time of the system freeze.

    We had similar issue's whereby agents that had an email interaction they were holding for 1+ hour and then receiving a voice interaction would do the same.  It was determined by our vendor that due to screen recordings, there was a bug and that Genesys was aware of this.  So we had to turn off screen recording during email interactions.

    But here we are again with multiple voice interactions.  Users are virtual, on 100mb internet lines, brand new computers 16gb memory, i7  CPU's, all the bells and whistles.  Has anyone else experienced similar issues?  Some of the agents report the issue occurs more often in the early evenings USA time.

    Steve Parsons