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  • 1.  July Instructor of the month

    Posted 07-15-2022 15:00

    Ary Kisinovsky is our featured Instructor of the Month for July!


    Ary first started back in 1999 as a Genesys Partner taking Genesys (Engage) trainings back from version 6 and installing 2 Contact Centers in the following months. With such a head start, he joined Genesys in 2008 teaching the same trainings he took years before [but version 7.5]. This class has now evolved to version 8.5 and 9. Originally, Ary used to deliver classes only for LATAM but as the demand has increased, he started to teach for all the other regions having the priceless chance to meet exceptional people around the Globe. Ary can also teach in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

    Ary teaches several classes but does not a specialized subject. Over the years, his agenda demanded to teach in general all the classes. Ary's favorite classes are the routing ones: all the Composer classes for Engage, the Routing subject and Architect class for Genesys Cloud. All these trainings can be done with the calls and non-voice interactions to get them into the right resource at the right time. He thinks these are very interesting and open to the creativity of the developer. On one hand it requires some programming skills and on the other hand it needs to consider that the contact center is a live situation that constantly changes since there are customers waiting on the other side. One of the most interesting subjects to explain are the Virtual Queues and their fair usage. Basically, in one unique point of analysis, it could involve discussions and definitions about the strategy of how to configure, organize, operate, route and report about the resources of a whole Contact Center.

    Ary likes to take photos [he states he in not professional at all] but really likes to go places and take pictures of the landscapes, locations and any spot that allows him to capture with the reflex camera, digital home camera or even cellphone. Another activity Ary likes to do is to simply walk, if it´s possible every day between 1 and 2 hours walking by the Rio de la Plata River that is close to his home, very early in the morning, specially to assist the sunrise. According with the record of his phone, last year he walked a total of 2500 km, equivalent distance to go from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro!!

    Ary really enjoys combining his photo hobby with international travel. On almost every business trip, Ary would make himself a 15 minute "vacation" to experience his location since everywhere has something to offer. Over the last years with his family, they went in the summers to a location called Mar de las Pampas that is 400 km south of Buenos Aires. It is a tiny quite place in which Ary and his family enjoy the beach as well as the forest. Eventually after the sunset, Ary likes to make an "asado" (an Argentinean BBQ).

    Ary is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For many years now and due to the different time zones of classes he teaches, he teaches from the playroom of his home. Ary lives with his wife, his daughter and Leila their dog. Buenos Aires is a big city with a lot of cultural offerings that goes from local theater productions to first level international shows. There are any places to visit and cuisine from many countries to taste. Driving one hour from where Ary lives, especially on the weekends, it is possible to reach multiple old towns stopped in time to enjoy a local traditional food and relax from the daily routine.

    Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Ary or have a memory that stands out!


    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery

  • 2.  RE: July Instructor of the month

    Posted 07-18-2022 07:12
    Well done! Ary is awesome! One more fun fact about him... If you are ever planning traveling abroad, Ary is the best guide there is!

    Thanks for all the help my friend! Always nice to know more about you!

    Rodrigo Romao
    Genesys - Employees