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  • 1.  Learning Modules

    Posted 01-03-2023 17:48
    Hello Community!
    I am back to trying to transition all of our learning modules from another LMS over into Genesys. I took the time last month to watch some of the preloaded options that Genesys made for new agents. I have been able to find directions on how to make my modules look like theirs! It's obviously able to be done but I am looking for a 'how to guide'

    I grabbed a screen shot from one of the courses that has some of things I am looking for

    We want to be able to have a table of contents like this with info listed out on the screens- not just PDF documents (that is all I have been able to figure out so far), with progress check marks as they progress along with mini quizzes as they go through the course.


    Cherri Lindquist
    Clinical Director of Nursing
    Company Nurse, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Learning Modules

    Posted 01-05-2023 09:07

    Hi Cherri,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm glad to hear you found the preloaded modules helpful.

    Unfortunately it is the preloaded nature of those modules that allows them to utilise the contents on the left you are referring to. The good news however is this is something we have already recognised would be useful for our non-preloaded modules. We are already working on this change at the moment.

    In addition we are looking to provide a way to allow access to learning modules from other LMS systems as well as steps to host content directly within Genesys Cloud that has been created elsewhere.

    These changes would ultimately mean you would be able to either:

    A. Link to existing LMS systems including bringing scores and competition information into Genesys Cloud.

    B. Allow you to import/host content that has been externally created into Genesys Cloud. E.g. A compliance module you may have purchased or created in a tool elsewhere.

    I believe these changes would get close to the scenario you are describing above but we're always interested to hear about your use cases. Do you think the above sounds like it would solve the challenges you are describing? I would be happy to have a call with you to sync on the details if that is something that would interest you?

    Paul Turner
    Senior Product Manager
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Learning Modules

    Posted 01-05-2023 09:52

    Good Morning Paul-

    Thanks for responding so quickly. We create almost 100% of our material since we have a very specialized contact center with thousands of different customers/processes. Currently we use a LMS called Northpass but wanted to move all of our created content over to Genesys. We will not have access to our created content in Northpass unless we renew it, which we were not planning on doing.

    I would love to have a quick meeting to show you the content we already have and discuss the difficulties we are having transferring them over to Genesys. Let me gather some specific detailed use cases/examples and see if anyone else on my team wants to hop on. Feel free to email me directly with what your availability would be.

    Thanks again- Cherri 

    Cherri Lindquist
    Clinical Director of Nursing
    Company Nurse, LLC