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Many Issues with Softphone

  • 1.  Many Issues with Softphone

    Posted 11-17-2022 12:23
    We are having a lot of issues with softphone, from either getting a generic error when starting the provisioning that says to contact admin, to enter username/password for certificate, or host name not found.

    Other issues that people have every great while, and is random, can't make or take calls, it gives an error, even when provisioned

    Something that is happening with most everyone that has softphone, and we have collected many Interaction logs and Wireshark logs from the caller, the receiver, and the media servers, but can't track down the cause.  When one person with ID, is transferring a call to another person with ID using conference, one side can hear the other, but the other person can't.  If the call is then transferred on from there, then the person the call was transferred too, and final person, there is

    First question is, is there a list of all the TCP/UDP and such ports that have to be open or forwarded for softphone?  We are switching from a physical VPN, which we don't run into the above issues most of the time when bringing softphone online, to most of the time with the newer OpenVPN.

    Checking the logs, when using the OpenVPN, there is a lot of authentication errors.

    Genesys support suggested RTP issues, but we haven't been able to track down if that is the issue, and if so, where is the cause.

    Jon Mercer