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  • 1.  New Feature - Modifications increased from 50 to 200

    Posted 06-08-2022 02:29

    Resource Management

    Hello, Community members.

    With Genesys Workforce Engagement suite, companies can manage the contact center operations regardless of location as it consolidates, on a single platform accessible any time, from anywhere, workforce management capabilities that are elastic and can adjust from regional to global reach and facilitate workforce management answering the need for flexible work scenarios.

    More Mods!

    Today is an exciting day! The users have asked, and Genesys has listened! Many of our forecasting users have been asking for the ability to create more than 50 modifications to a forecast. We are excited to announce that this limit will be increased, allowing up to 200 modifications per forecast!

    Key Features

    • Modification limit increased from 50 to 200
      • There are no user configurations required – The new limit is platform-wide and requires no user configurations to be enabled. All forecasting users of Genesys Cloud can take advantage of the new modification limit.
    • Modification Loading Bar – In rare situations with complex or too many modifications, the user will be presented with a loading bar as their changes are saved, and the limit can be lower than 200. The system can lower this limit to help maintain platform stability.






    A little learning goes a long way.


    This is just a short preview of Coaching. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses. And you can always learn more about Coaching in our Genesys Resource Center.

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    Daniel Chapdelaine
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: New Feature - Modifications increased from 50 to 200

    Posted 06-08-2022 18:54
    Thank you Daniel and the team!

    It's like Christmas for my WFP team this morning we have been waiting for this day for a year so are super excited!

    We have just celebrated our 1st anniversary on Genesys Cloud this week and decided to wait for this change before we celebrated and now we can have a huge team party!

    Thanks again to everyone who made this possible, it means so much to us!!

    City of Gold Coast