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  • 1.  Region Roll out of Single Customer View Powered by Identity Resolution

    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Aoife Kelly 14 hours ago
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    HI all,

    Commencing on 21st September we will be rolling out the first phase of a new feature which will allow stitching of voice and digital interactions together on the agent desktop in one unified view on a new tab that admins can enable called Customer Journey.

    This feature uses External Contacts to attach an External Contact ID to all conversations and unify them on identifiers such as email address, phone number, social media identifiers and cookie/Web IDs.

    Single Customer View has been in beta the last few months documented on this Community post for any questions specifically to the UI changes please visit that discussion thread but any questions relating to the region roll out please post them below.

    The roll out is by region and times below are all US-E times and not local times. 

    Wed 21st Sept US-E 11:00 APS1 (Mumbai) 

    Wed 21st Sept US-E 13:00  APNE2 (Seoul) 

    Thurs 22nd Sept US-E 06:00 CAC2 (Canada Central) 

    Thurs 22nd Sept US-E 08:00 Fed Ramp (Ohio) 

    Thurs 22nd Sept US-E 15:00 SAE1 (São Paulo)

    Thurs 22nd Sept US-E 10:00 APSE2 (Sydney)

    Mon 26th Sept US-E 14:00 EUW2 (London) 

    Mon 26th Sept US-E 15:00 EUC1 (Frankfurt)

    Mon 26th Sept US-E 15:00 EUW1 (Ireland)

    Fri 30th Sept US-E 13:00 APNE1 (Tokyo)

    Sun 9th Sept US-E 09:00 USW2 (Oregon)

    Sun 9th Sept US-E 09:00 USE1 (N Virginia)

    There will be 2 changes on the agent desktop on the profile tab of how External Contacts are created the editing and linking of Contacts User interface is changed subtly. External contact auto creation will start once the new region has being switched on but for agents the changes will only come into effect when they start a new work day / re-login.

    In order to fully avail of this new feature when your region is switched on you will need to enable a few permissions that are documented as attached.

    More technical information also available here on the Developer Center


    Aoife Kelly
    Genesys - Product Manager (Identity Resolution and Journey)

  • 2.  RE: Region Roll out of Single Customer View Powered by Identity Resolution

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Gayathri Jaishankar 13 days ago
    For more information about single customer view, including required permissions, contact identification, agent dashboard, and frequently asked questions, see About single customer view.

    Gayathri Jaishankar
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Region Roll out of Single Customer View Powered by Identity Resolution

    Posted 2 days ago
    Edited by Aoife Kelly 2 days ago
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    Attention: Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and organisations with different legal entities that use Divisions. 

    Scenario: For Organisations that do not use External Contacts and don't wish to avail of this new capability in the future but use the default Employee role for agents

    Action for you: Remove the External Contacts > Contact > All Permissions permission.

    Note for all: All the permissions relating to the new capability are not associated with any role they need to be enabled by an Admin. The only adverse effect is that the profile panel pops up.

    Aoife Kelly
    Product Manager - Identity Resolution and Journey