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SIP Softphone and Interaction Desktop Require Running As Admin.

  • 1.  SIP Softphone and Interaction Desktop Require Running As Admin.

    Posted 07-25-2022 12:00
    This was after I had to reinstall Windows 10 21H2 on to my computer.  I have full admin rights to the system.

    Sometimes it will provision, and ID will try to connect, but will eventually say the connection to SIP was lost.

    Most of the time when I try to provision it will say that there is an error and to contact your administrator and then say host is not found.

    If I open SIP as an admin, it will provision just fine, but I also for some reason have to open ID as an administrator or it will try to connect to the SIP, and eventually fail.  If I log out of ID, I have to close the program, and then open it as an admin again to be able to connect.

    I came across this PureConnect - Genesys article about changing environmental variables (which the steps have changed some since 2020), but not sure why I would have folder permission issues on a clean install of windows that I have full admin rights on, and didn't before I reinstalled windows.


    Jon Mercer

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