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  • 1.  Summary report via IVR or Alternative Method

    Posted 09-23-2022 01:37

    We are moving from I3/Pureconnect to Genesys cloud. During the lifespan of our company, we have had several customers that want a bill for some of their subcompanies that they are responsible for. We bill via DNIS [We assign a DNIS/DID to each company, then bill them for agent call usage at the end of the month], not queue. (We have wayyy to many companies to bill via queue.) In I3/Pureconnect we did this via setting up a IVR with different [silent] prompts for each company and had the call flow append a number onto the end of the DNIS. Example would be as follows:

    _______________/----->Company/option #1 = DNIS 555-555-00001
    555-555-0000 --->------>Company/option #2 = DNIS 555-555-00002
    _______________\----->Company/option #3 = DNIS 555-555-00003

    Then we would tell the client to make their phone system call out to the 555-555-0000 number, wait 3 seconds, then dial w/e number corresponds to the company.
    Then we could just run a DNIS report at the end of the month, and we would have each sub companies's

    We thought we could do the same with Participant data, via making a BillingDNIS value and having each phone IVR append a digit onto the end of the DNIS and store it in said value, but we are finding that you cannot access such participant data via Summary reports, only detail reports.

    Is there a way to generate a summary report while also accomplishing something simular to the above, without having to buy more numbers? Redesigning the flow is fine, if it produces a billable method and doesn't involve making more queues or buying more numbers.

    Nathan McKay
    Insite Support Services, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Summary report via IVR or Alternative Method

    Posted 09-23-2022 07:57
    Hello Nathan,

    To directly answer your question - unfortunately the canned summary reports in Genesys Cloud does not offer this granularity. You can explore exporting Performance views as an alternative, namely the Interactions View or the DNIS Performance View. These views should give you better granular information per DID.

    From a billing perspective however, Genesys Cloud reports only show telco activity from DIDs that you actually own. Any sort of tagging in an attempt to classify telco activity is not immediately visible. Using Participant Data is a great idea, but as you have experienced exposing this data in reports is not as straightforward.

    The recommended method for internal cost accounting is using the Genesys Cloud Voice Usage Report. This report is made available through the Subscriptions view under the Admin Menu, more details here. Some of our AppFoundry Partners offer BI and analytics solutions that can simplify this granular requirement, especially when your environment gets large as you cater to or support more number of companies.

    Nico Feliciano
    Genesys - Employees

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