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The Q&A Show: A Genius Holiday Experience

  • 1.  The Q&A Show: A Genius Holiday Experience

    Posted 12-16-2022 10:17
    Join us for a magical episode of the Q&A Show!

    The holidays are revving up and parties are about to begin, but our friend (and community mascot) Genius has work that may never end! Can he complete his workday grind and make it to the party in time? Helping him along his way, Genius gets some advice from friends at Genesys. Hooray!

    If you want to catch up with them, you don't have to think, here are some helpful links:

    Genesys Knowledge Network:
    User Groups:
    Genesys Online Community:

    For the chance to win a prize of your own, check out our contest on Genesys Casual.


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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