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  • 1.  Time Off Auto Processing?

    Posted 08-11-2022 12:23
    Is there a feature available/on the roadmap to auto update an agent's schedule on an auto-approved time off request? Currently, we have schedulers who have to manually approve the request in order for the time off to show up on the agents schedule. Looking for a feature that will place that time off event on the agent's schedule without WFM having to manually approve.

    Jeremy Walts

  • 2.  RE: Time Off Auto Processing?

    Posted 08-12-2022 09:28
    Edited by Cameron Smith 08-12-2022 09:29
    Hi Jeremy

    We have added a number of features to the time off management space in recent times.

    For automation there are a few things that need to be configured:

    1. Time off plans.
    2. Time off limits.

    To achieve the automation you need to configure the time off plans for the automation rules (typically via the limits), within the Limits you will need to provide maximum numbers of people you will allow off. Once this is done the employees can be automatically approved where the number of employees requesting leave is less then the number of leave positions you make available.

    This moves the workflow of the scheduling team to managing the limits instead of managing the requests. We also allow wait list capabilities including the ability to auto approve someone waiting if another leave request is cancelled. 

    Check out the docs above and if you have any questions please ask, we are happy to help.

    Cameron Smith
    VP, Product Management - Workforce Engagement Management

  • 3.  RE: Time Off Auto Processing?

    Posted 08-15-2022 09:41
    Hi Jeremy,

    There is an active idea to auto update a published schedule with an approved/auto-approved time-off request here.  Please comment/vote to help us prioritize this request.

    Thank you,

    Christopher Johnson
    Genesys - Employees