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Who won week one Trivia Tower - Vacations???

  • 1.  Who won week one Trivia Tower - Vacations???

    Posted 07-10-2023 13:46

    Howdy Trivia Tower Players! 

    Week one of Summer Trivia got started with a blast and we had so many new players (which I LOVE to see)! This week's theme, Vacations, proved that you are all very well travelled. But before you get too relaxed, I want to remind you that Week two of summer trivia is starting this Wednesday, July 12-14 at 12pm est. and the theme was given to us by an awesome community member @Paul Simpson Get ready for "AI, Robots & Chatbots." It's sure to be electrifying! 

    But before I reveal the 1st place place winner, here are the answers to the Vacations trivia: 

    1.     What is the most visited tourist destination in the world?

    a.     Times Square

    b.     Taj Mahal

    c.     Roman Coliseum

    d.     Eiffel Tower

    2.     What color is the black box on the airplane you may be flying on for your trip?

    a.     Green

    b.     Black

    c.     Orange

    d.     Yellow

    3.     Which place is home to the largest Salt Flats in the world?

    a.     Utah

    b.     Chile

    c.     Botswana

    d.     Bolivia

    4.     For adventurers: where is the highest bungee jump in the world?

    a.     Switzerland

    b.     China

    c.     South Africa

    d.     New Mexico

    5.     Which country covers the most time zones on the planet?

    a.     Ireland

    b.     Norway

    c.     France

    d.     India

    6.     What is the most common forgotten item when packing for vacation?

    a.     Sunglasses

    b.     Watch

    c.     Deodorant

    d.     Phone Charger

    7.     Which city has more cars than it has people?

    a.     Los Angeles, USA

    b.     San Marino, Italy

    c.     Honolulu, Hawaii

    d.     Bogota, Columbia

    8.     What country is estimated to have the most islands in the world with 221,800?

    a.     Indonesia

    b.     Philippines

    c.     Australia

    d.     Sweden

    9.     Which U.S. state has the longest coastline, perfect for those vacation snapshots?

    a.     California

    b.     Florida

    c.     Alaska

    d.     Texas

    WWhich direction makes jet lag worse?

    a.     South to North

    b.     East to West

    c.     Southwest to Northeast

    d.     West to East

    11What is considered to be the smallest country on Earth?

    a.     Monoco

    b.     Vatican City

    c.     Malta

    d.     Nauru

     1Which country is home to the most lakes in the world?

    a.     Canada

    b.     USA

    c.     Kazakhstan

    d.     Brazil

    WWhich country is behind the rest of the world by seven years according to their calendar?

    a.     Peru

    b.     Figi Islands

    c.     Ethiopia

    d.     Tonga

    IFIf you go to the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort, how much would the most expensive tacos be?

    a.     18,300

    b.     25,000

    c.     7,600

    d.     31,000

    Here's a pic below. (Yep, that's golden leaves on top): 

    golden tacos

    WWhat is unique about Giant Pandas you see in a zoo? 

    a.     They are all on loan from China

    b.     You can only see them in one U.S. zoo

    c.     They only eat bamboo at night

    d.     They become carnivorous in captivity

    WWhich hotel is the largest with over 7,300 rooms?  

    a.     MGM Grand, Las Vegas

    b.     Premiere Inn, England

    c.     First World Hotel, Malaysia

    d.     Shangri-La Resort, China

    Now, I know I sound like a broken record here, but because of the outcome of this first summer trivia event, I feel like I need to repeat myself once more: the winner of this trivia tower event WAS determined by the extra three-point bonus question! Please take a quick thirty seconds to answer that bonus question because it is usually what stands between you and that first place prize from the Prize Wall! 

    Now for the moment we've all been waiting for! Drum roll please...

    Let's all give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to @Mrinalini Qadir - you're the top WINNER of Vacations Trivia Tower!  You get to select one item off the Prize Wall! I'll be sending you a form shortly to fill out with your pick. 

    Everyone else: don't worry! There are three more weeks to win and we are super excited to see who climbs to the top of the Trivia Tower! 

    Best of luck and see you Wednesday for the start of week two's Trivia event!

    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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