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Agent UI Update - New Target Selection UI 

02-09-2023 13:15

We're excited to give you a preview of the redesigned target selection UI within Interactions view for Genesys Cloud agent UI. The objective of the new UI is to improve agent efficiency by reducing number of clicks and amount of scrolling necessary when an agent needs to select a destination for the following workflows.

  • Blind Transfer, Consult Transfer, and upcoming ACD Conference
  • Start a new conversation (Voice, Email, and SMS) and Communicate call
  • Selecting email To, CC, and BCC address

A short video preview of the new UI.


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09-14-2023 08:04

It has been delayed another two weeks. This thread has been updated with the latest:

09-14-2023 03:07

Did I miss something? The update was announced for 13th September, but my Genesys still looks the same. Was this update not rolled out for every region?

09-13-2023 03:24

Can someone confirm if Genesys Cloud For Salesforce will have all the features or is it only applicable for agents using native Genesys desktop(built in).

08-30-2023 10:22

Thanks for the confirmation @Ricky Phung!

08-30-2023 10:15

Hi All,

Regarding impact of this change on embedded framework.  For the most part this change does not impact the embedded framework transfer and consult functions.  However since embedded framework also uses the same UI for email handling as Genesys Cloud agent UI, selecting target for To, CC, and BCC fields will display the new UI.

08-25-2023 06:14


Will this new transfer interface be available for "Genesys Cloud for Salesforce" framework?

Thank you


08-24-2023 14:46

Hi @Ricky Phung, will this new functionality also be reflected in the embedded framework for Chrome, or just the native Genesys Cloud UI?

08-15-2023 19:01

@Melissa Vestal.  The behavior described in the document is still the same. Couple minor adjustments include the icon representing queue has changed to latest design. To protect the user from accidental transfer or consult to freeform entry, the 'Enter' key will not invoke such actions. User must click the button next to the search field.  The risk user may have mis-typed the destination will remain as is today. The issue with division filter is fixed in the latest beta version.

08-15-2023 10:52

I see that the attachment is still dated 4/28. Are there any updates to be made to this document showing accurate screenshots and expected behavior? And can you clarify whether the concern around freeform entry that Vasanthkumar raised is still a risk? Is it possible for an agent to type a value and click transfer without selecting a verified target from the search results? Also, did we determine if the lists are division filtered?

08-08-2023 12:00

@Vasanthkumar Venugopalan my team has investigated and confirmed the current UI also allows freeform entry of target destination for blind transfer because of the need perform external transfer.  The new UI will continue to allow such approach because not doing so would be a regression of feature.

06-30-2023 12:03

Thanks @Ricky Phung

06-29-2023 21:12

@Vasanthkumar Venugopalan 

For 2: I've been able verify your observation there is a difference between the old UI which does not allow freeform and new UI for blind and consult transfer. I've asked my team to look into it.  My previous comment is for start a new conversation which allows freeform entry.  Apology for my confusion.

06-29-2023 16:34

@Vasanthkumar Venugopalan , thanks for comments.

  1. I'll raised this with our dev team to investigate.  My understanding is the api used for queue query was not changed.  Will confirm if such behavior is the same on the old UI.
  2. The transfer button next to the text/search entry field is not for the workflow which user selects a result from the search result and then clicking the button to initiate the transfer selected target. As soon as user selects from the list, transfer is performed to the selected target immediately.  This transfer button is intended to allow user to freeform type a destination target which can include numbers and alphanumeric. We have looked into putting in place validation logic to help enable/disable the button but it lead to issues with other use cases because the destination varies widely among customers.

06-29-2023 15:09

I identified below issues with this feature which needs to be rectified at the earliest. 

  1. Presently, the Target selection does not consider division restrictions, as it displays queues/agents from all divisions, even if certain agents lack permission to view other divisions. How can we address this issue and ensure division-awareness?

  2. Additionally, the transfer button (->) on the user interface remains active during the search process itself, rather than activating only after the target has been selected. This poses a risk, as agents may inadvertently click the transfer button without selecting the intended target, leading to calls being directed to the wrong target and subsequently disconnected. How can we modify this behavior to prevent such occurrences?

04-12-2023 16:28

It appears that per this post, the UI change will be going out later than originally planned. Is this link the most up to date?

03-04-2023 03:10

Will be there new permission to disable or enable categories?

Our customer would like to have only "transfer to queue".

The best could be also to have the chance to configure queue transfer list by queue

02-10-2023 14:44

Thanks Brad for the feedback. I'll discuss with our development team.

02-09-2023 17:35

The PDF indicates 'Non-selectable destinations (e.g. Jenna Troung is offline) are disabled under certain conditions to prevent user error."

I'd think most of us would want an offline agent to be selectable, but noted as offline, in the event that we want to transfer a caller to their voicemail or queue up an email interaction for when they are back online.

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