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Channel WKHC - E2 Gamification Profile Configuration 

11-04-2023 07:33

 WEM Knowledge Hub Chats!

Welcome to Episode 2..

This is an on-going web video series that was created with you, our customer,  in mind!

Listen and learn from our Genesys WEM experts as they provide valuable, educational, and engaging content through insights, advice, and strategies to help you succeed using Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management.

Here's episode 2 of our WEM Knowledge Hub Chats

(or as I like to call it 'Channel WKHC' 😉)

Our speaker in this episode is our very own Pascal Leclerc (there he is below 😉) who is going to chat about Gamification Profile Configuration with some best practices to help you get the most out of your environment.

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Pascal Leclerc

Look, Listen and Learn but most of all ENJOY


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11-23-2023 08:36

Thank you for your question Shelby. Great to hear from you. You are correct, there is no "delete" option in the Gamification profile configuration. The current process is to activate or deactivate profiles and metrics. You make a good point concerning things done by error, deleting could be useful. I'll bring this up to the product team.


11-17-2023 17:53

Is there a way to delete profiles, delete metrics, or edit copied metrics?  The only edit that can be made to a copied metric is to the description and objective, not the metric type.  So if a copy metric is done in error, the only option is to deactivate as there is no delete option that I can find? 

11-07-2023 06:22

Thank you for your question Cressida. Points allocation is at your discretion based on the Objective type you select. Let's take Average Handling Time, using the Target Area (five zones) as an Objective type.

Using this example:

The "target" zone was set with the AHT range of 180 seconds to 1000 seconds. This represents the range for the ideal results your employees should aim for. If the finish their workday with an AHT within this range, they score 300 points

Next, define your "good performance" zones for results that can be slightly higher or lower than the "target", but remain acceptable performance. For an AHT result between 1001 and 1200 seconds -or- between 179 and 60 seconds, employees will score anywhere between 100 point, down to 5 points.

*Note that the calculation is linear, in this example, the upper "Good performance" zone is 200 seconds and points can drop by -95 points. Each second more is about -0.48 points less (Calculations are rounded)

Then there are 2 "out of bounds" zones where employees don't score any points because the AHT result is too high or too low.

This concept is the same for all Objective Types.

I hope this helps.


11-06-2023 15:28

Thank you Pascal.  
We did test out Gamification without providing permissions to the agents.  It allowed the leaders and the admins for gamification to understand how it worked and awarded points prior to getting the many questions from the end user.  At this time we have not launched it. 

One thing we could not figure out is how the points are allocated.  Do you have documentation that you can point me too?  For example if you provide 3000 pts for meeting the goal which is 450 seconds.  How many points are deducted once you move to 500.  Is there a percentage that is deducted once you start to move away from the goal?  How is that determined? 

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