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Genesys Agent Assist on the CX platform for voice 

11-06-2023 01:49

In this video @Guru Prasadh Jeevan Rao and I discuss and demo Agent Assist for Voice. 

Customers can now access Genesys Agent Assist on the CX platform for voice, including knowledge management and knowledge optimizer. This feature enables Genesys Agent Assist to transcribe and automatically surface knowledge during real-time voice conversations. For more information, see Genesys Agent Assist availability in Genesys Cloud licenses and About Genesys Agent Assist

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03-15-2024 02:04

Thanks @Rebecca Harper for the prompt response and work around suggestions. 

I have created the idea CESC-I-20.

03-15-2024 01:15

Hi @Aparna Peri,

Great question and really cool idea. Sadly, I don't think we have this capability natively right now but I sure hope we do in the future. It'd be good if you had a chance to raise this in the Ideas portal. 

In the meantime, if this is soemthing you are really keen on, the closest we can think of would be to collect data in the IVR to present to the connecting Agent in a script. If there were some key words it'd still take some manual input to Agent Assist to surface articles. Or perhaps have the agent repphrase what is written in the script and AA should surface related articles. 

Our kindest,

Becky & Guru

03-14-2024 20:25

HI @Guru Prasad and @Rebecca Harper

Thanks for this video.

 I have a requirement where I take inbound call input through IVR on a specific queue. Is it possible to have the relevant knowledge documents ready on agent assist for agents by the time the call reaches them (maybe by using a script in the call flow)? (Like an update data action available in a bot flow to assign a knowledge article).

A similar question was asked in the below discussion.

Genesys Cloud - Main - Genesys

Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

11-13-2023 21:04

Amazing job guys!

11-06-2023 05:14

Excellent demo, thank you so much for sharing this, Guru and Becky!
It is of great help.

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