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Genesys Cloud WEM | Monthly Recap // August 

09-05-2022 05:09

August 2022 

Hello, Community Members!
Genesys Cloud CX WEM team keeps working hard to deliver new and exciting features and capabilities! so let's take a look at what was released during August for WEM.

Resource Management

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Employee Performance

Administrators can now choose to reduce the time it takes to receive a notification event for transcripts in speech and text analytics settings. This feature minimizes the latency of all transcripts sent through the Notifications API. For more information, see Speech and text analytics

Contact center managers and supervisors can now copy a development and feedback module to use as the basis for a similar module. This feature enables managers to quickly create multiple similar modules with identical or similar content and assessments. For more information, see Copy a development and feedback module

Genesys Cloud improved voice transcription accuracy for Dutch (nl-NL). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages

Performance managers and supervisors can now reset the date from which Genesys Cloud calculates an agent’s personal bests and overall bests. This feature enables agents to aim for a new personal best performance in a day, week, and month to further their development. For more information, see Configure Membership Auto-Assignment and reset personal bests

Administrators can now set a maximum retention time, in days, for interaction data. When the administrator configures a maximum interaction data retention time, Genesys Cloud deletes all interaction data stored beyond the retention time, including individual interaction detail records, corresponding recordings, and any related individual and aggregate analytics data. This feature provides administrative guardrails to ensure that recording policies cannot be set beyond the maximum retention time. For more information, see Set the maximum interaction data retention time.

    Administrators that use the AWS S3 recording bulk actions integration can now export data to an S3 bucket in a different AWS region than their organization’s home region. This option may incur an Amazon egress cost for the S3 data transfer. For more information, see Requirements for the AWS S3 recording bulk action integration

    If you want to learn more about upcoming releases, feel free to reach out to the Product Management team and schedule a chat.


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