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Genesys Digital Bot Flow support for mobile apps 

03-17-2024 22:07

In this video @Brian Feeney talks about Genesys Digital Bot Flow support for mobile apps. 

Genesys Cloud now supports Genesys Digital Bot Flows for mobile apps, which provide users with enhanced interaction capabilities, including quick replies. This feature enables customers to reply quickly to interactions from their mobile devices and improves the self-service experience. 

Release Notes: 

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03-19-2024 04:50

Hi Anwita

Thank you for your question.

In summary, the Web Messenger will automatically trim the Quick Replies. The customer can still read the full text by hovering their mouse over the text ellipse (tooltip) . A newline cannot be inserted.

The Mobile Messenger will not trim the quick replies because there is no other way for the end user to read the full text. 

The Quick Replies for Apps feature has been released in Transport Mobile SDK. This is the headless mobile messenger solution.

The Mobile Messenger SDK (with UI) currently does not support the QR feature. It will be supported in the upcoming release.

03-18-2024 13:33


As seen in the video, the Bubble seems to have new line in it (1min 03secs). How a newline can be inserted in a bubble text while the bubble is getting displayed (before selection). It seems \n is not working and also when a long text is being created, its showing a single line and the entire text is coming only in tooltip.

Can you please suggest. Sample screenshot of simulation from browser attached herewith.

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