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Let Me Pick Your Brain - Time Off Management 

11-18-2021 09:33

Time Off Plans, Limits & Auto Approval Rules
From Genesys Cloud WEM

In this installment of Let Me Pick Your Brain, experts in all things Time Off and Workforce Engagement, @Sanjana Seetharam and @Vidas Placiakis, give us a look into the world of Time Off Management and the new features available in Genesys Cloud CX. Learn more about leveraging your Genesys Cloud CX solution to manage your employees’ time off, discover the benefits for businesses and users, and find out how and where you can start using it, directly from the experts!

77% of employees say they have experienced employee burnout at their current job, with more than half citing more than one occurrence, and nearly 70 percent of professionals feel their employers are not doing enough to prevent or alleviate burnout within their organization.”
                                              — Deloitte, 2018 Workplace Burnout Survey

    But what if...

You could liberate admins from the drudgery of manually reviewing and approving or denying agent time off requests AND give agents the ability to self-manage their
time off within reasonable limits?


Time Off Limits

Expedited processes with automation
Time off management need not be overly complex or time consuming! Save time on the repetitive process of approving or denying ,and ensure you have enough agents scheduled and on queue with easy to manage limits and rules for automatic time off approval.

Time Off Plans

Streamlined workflows for admins
Give supervisors the tools to quickly get through their time off requests by establishing time off plans and rules that cut down on the excess. Ensure supervisors can see and priorize requests that require special consideration.

Auto Approval Rules

Work-life balance for agents
Give agents the power to self-manage their time with appropriate permissions. Provide visibility to agents so they can choose dates for time off where they’ll have greater chances of approval.

  A little learning goes a long way…

​​Of course, this is just a short preview of Time Off Management. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses. And you can always learn more about workforce management in our Genesys Resource Center.

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