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PureCloud BYOC with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SIP Connection Example 

12-17-2019 15:06

Updated 1/10/2020 with AudioCodes SBC information


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08-14-2023 08:26

Hello @Reuben Goodwin, You may find this link from AudioCodes helpful:

I believe this is their step by step setup for your use case.

08-11-2023 08:20

@Jason Wolfgang Thank you for the information. We are using (Genesys Cloud Voice) PureCloud (everything in the cloud), and we also have Microsoft Teams Cloud. The architecture for this scenario that @trey buck outline shows SBC over the internet which I we will have to use a virtual SBC (we will use virtual AudioCodes in Azure). Are they any step-by-step instructions to configure the virtual SBC itself (interface/ports/IP's) so that we can connect Genesys Cloud and Teams Cloud together? Thanks for your help.

08-10-2023 11:52

@Reuben Goodwin - I think the sections you may be interested in from this document are "Configuring Microsoft Teams to Connect the Certified SBC via UMP 365 (Optional)" on page 4 and "SBC Requirements" on page 6.

We have included some AudioCodes screenshots in the document between pages 4-6.  If you're using an SBC other than AudioCodes, your screen may look different, however; it was our desire to write the document in a way that folks could apply this document's content to whatever SBC they may be using.

08-09-2023 13:39

@Jason Wolfgang - Thanks for the updated doc. Would there be a section for configuring the virtual SBC (audiocodes) itself so that its MS Teams and Genesys can connect to it? I'm reading page 2 under "Configuring the Certified SBC to Receive Connections from MS Teams and Genesys Cloud" but I don't see detail steps.

08-09-2023 13:21

@Reuben Goodwin, Hello.  An updated version of this Word document is here.  This is our end to end documentation for the telephony integration that handles the Genesys Cloud, SBC and MS Teams setup.

For non-telphony use cases, our MS Teams integration documentation is available in the resource center here.

08-09-2023 12:39

@Jason Wolfgang - Question: Is there an end-to-end detailed config document(s) for Genesys Cloud and MS Teams with steps? Working on integrating the 2. 

04-20-2023 08:20

@Greg Palen The Microsoft Teams telephony integration and presence integration are de-coupled.  To setup the presence integration, you can checkout the documentation here.

If you only want presence integration, you do not need to do any of action items listed here in this SIP setup documentation.

Thanks for reaching out and I hope this is helpful,
Jason Wolfgang

04-19-2023 15:03

Question: if the goal is solely for presence integration (no calling, voice, etc.), do I still need to do the full Team Direct Routing configuration or is there an easier way to integrate if all you want is SCIM, SSO, and Presence integration?

04-06-2022 10:10

Glad it worked @Ramesh N.  The SBC requirement is purely from Microsoft.  From our experiences, it can be a virtual SBC or an on-premise SBC.  Here's a list of the Microsoft approved SBC's​:

Jason Wolfgang

04-06-2022 02:03

Hi Jason,
Thank you for the information.
User Teams Presence information and Sync is working .We can see users as part of Genesys directory and also while transfer with their teams status.

What to do call to land on teams when transfer we need to purchase SBC Or Any virtual SBC available for SIP trunk configurations as part of teams to forward call from Genesys Cloud to Teams.

04-05-2022 10:03

Hello @Ramesh N, Thank you for working with our Teams integration!  For the presence to work, you will need to follow these steps in addition to Azure ActiveDirectory SCIM and SSO setup:​

I hope this helps,
Jason Wolfgang
GC Product Manger, UC Integrations

04-04-2022 03:18

We have completed SSO and SCIM integration and Can see users in directory and their Availability .But presence information for teams showing offline while using Call Transfer. Any help on the same?

01-06-2021 05:50

Trying to do the same but with TLS. Dealing with a TLS handshake failure :-(

06-03-2020 14:41

Gery - the document is definitely not malware, I authored it.  It sounds like an issue with your antivirus software blocking the file, you should contact your IT admin for help.

06-03-2020 11:44

Hello, i'm interested to get this document, however, my company virus scanner reported this file being "malware detected" and as such cannot open or download it.
Can you check please?

05-14-2020 12:55

Hi Juan - no, Directory integration cannot be accomplished via a SIP connection.  Directory integration can be done today using SCIM: but the presence information (and a bit more) will be coming soon via a new integration we are building.

05-14-2020 12:06

Hi Trey, a questions about this integration. it seems that tis Integration includes:
• Microsoft Teams contacts appear in PureCloud user search
• View MS Teams users presence status in PureCloud user search

  ,I think that it would be necessary a federation between users/systems part of the same company, is it possible to view MS Teams users presence status in PureCloud user search with a trunk SIP (only)?, how does it work?  Thanks,

12-30-2019 15:20

Right on time. Thanks Trey.

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