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Quality Assurance & Compliance Introduction 

06-07-2021 19:48

85% of surveyed stated that “The greatest challenge to managing quality is caused by not having sufficient time to analyze and use data”
Contact Babel - The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Workforce Optimization 2020
But what if
You could ensure quality in all interactions, retain 100% of recordings with data integrity. ​Visualize, and analyze all interaction data, to identify important topics, understand business, customer, and agent’s needs and trends, while protecting customers and business from negative exposure or legal actions, through an integrated process automated workflow.

Quality assurance and compliance
From Genesys Cloud WEM

Automated quality management, evaluation, and surveys
Automated workflows that drive quality at scale
Say goodbye to evaluation techniques that rely on the manual search and selection, deploy quality policies that scale, creating a fairer approach to quality and performance assessment.
100% off interactions recorded no data lost
Record all interactions in any channel maintaining the integrity of its content and structure, ensuring 100% of the information is collected and retained, and get the full picture by recording agent desktop activity.

4k Multiple-monitor screen recording
Business and customer insights
AI-powered speech and text analytics tools to close the loop, extracting meaning and insights to plan and execute strategies boosting the quality and performance of the workforce and business.

Speech and text analytics included in price
Enterprise-grade security & compliance
Meet compliance on a global scale, ensure sensitive information is handled properly with a set of integrated tools automation and custom processes for recording and Quality Management.

What it offers

Genesys CloudTM Quality Assurance and Compliance, processes are built together from the beginning to ensure that all interactions are handled seamlessly in a way that's both effective and efficient, it delivers a consolidated platform for recording, quality evaluation, and Speech and text Analytics those AI-powered capabilities such as sentiment analysis and topic spotting that are poised to become essential tools in the quality management process.
Capabilities include:
Quality Management

Say goodbye to evaluation techniques that rely on the manual search and selection, deploy quality policies that scale, creating a fairer approach to quality and performance assessment.

Features include:
  • Role-based access to recording and evaluation
  • Evaluation from designer
  • Multiple question types
  • Evaluation assignment process and notifications
  • Calibration processes
  • Faceted evaluation search
  • Interaction overview UI
  • Coaching in Quality Management
Available for GC2 and GC3
Speech and Text Analytics

Provides organizations the ability to extract from the content specific phrases that indicate the occurrence of key events related to customer experience, agent performance, sales, and compliance.

Features include:
Available for GC3
Interaction Recording

Leverages existing components within the platform to power recording. It also supports voice and digital channels including callback to increase compliance, decrease risk and evaluate all

Features include:
  • Single and dual-channel call recording
  • Voice and digital channels including callback
  • AWS S3 bucket bulk export
  • Encryption key
  • Long term cloud storage
  • Permission-based playback access
  • Policy-based recording actions, and delete protection
  • Recording audit trail and secure pause
Available for GC1, GC2 and GC3
Screen Recording

Helps determine how effectively agents handle interactions and helps identify why certain types of interactions take longer to handle than others, how well agents understand the applications, and how agents handle multiple overlapping interactions

Features include:
  • 4K Multi-monitor agent activity Screen Recording
  • Synchronized playback of interactions
  • Sync secure pause
Available for GC2 and GC3
Voice of the Customer & Employee

Gauges your customers' and employees' experiences after an interaction and captures feedback automatically.

Features include:
  • Survey creation
  • Set up invitation email, sender, receiver, and email body
  • Policy creation to determine when Genesys Cloud sends surveys
  • Visibility into survey status and completed survey responses
Available for GC3

A little learning goes a long way

Of course, this is just a short preview of Quality Assurance and Compliance. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses. And you can always learn more about quality management in our Genesys Resource Center.
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A quick guide to the benefits of Genesys Cloud WEM Quality Assurance and Compliance Discipline, what it offers, and resources to get started

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