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Removal of collapse and expand controls from agent Interactions UI 

04-11-2022 12:30

Hi Community,

A preview of agent Interactions UI behavior when the collapse and expand controls are deprecated.


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03-27-2024 15:19

@Prem Venkatesh the main driver for enforcing the agent UI fullwidth is to prepare for upcoming change described here

As such, the current plan is to release both changes simultaneously.

+ @Nicholas Robinson is now leading both projects.

03-27-2024 01:37

@Ricky Phung would you please let me know when this feature will be implemented?

01-18-2023 18:15

The removal has been postponed. Is there a new ETA?

12-08-2022 06:29

Hello Community,
If this feature goes through without configurability, then the ability to have dashboard(s) in separate window is crucial within our departments and user base ->

It would be a big disappointment to click the real-time status during every contact handling for supervisors and agents who have responsibilities to monitor multiple real-time statuses of different departments within daily operations.


05-18-2022 13:35

Hi Everyone,

This deprecation is postponed to a later date.  It is not canceled.  It was postponed due beta feedback which requires further refinement of the new behavior.  As mentioned below this is a necessary step to accommodate additional changes planned for Interactions UI.

The current behavior of toolbar wrapping into multiple lines and the contextual side panel squeezing the center conversation/script area to unusable space is a mess and will only get worst with the planned changes if the Interactions UI is not full width.  Due to number of comments here, product team moved effective date of this deprecation to align with introduction of the first major change that requires usage of the larger width.  New date tbd as we align the two projects.

The postponement provides an opportunity to move any custom apps that agents need to use in context while handling interactions to Interaction Widgets if not done so already.  If you are concerned that moving to Interaction Widget does not allow the custom app to display by default, this idea ( will be available soon.  Although the idea is specific about the Script panel for digital, the solution is built such that administrator can set any contextual panel as the default, including custom Interaction Widget.  No more always showing the contact profile.

Thank you for your understanding.

05-18-2022 10:06

Hi Everyone,​

I just the notification that the Change has been postponed for an undefined time period. This is the updated KB Article:

Good news for now (short term), but I hope this is also a final 'not to be removed', but that's my personal opinion...

BR Marcel

05-18-2022 09:33

Hi Ricky,
We have been a Genesys partner for over 16 years and a premium app for over 18 months and I am very disappointed with this poorly thought out change, this will have large repercussions for our global enterprise customers and greatly reduce the agent experience to the point where they may ask us to recommend alternatives. I find it disappointing and agree with a previous comment that you are going to force this change without making it an organisation customisable option. I would like a call to explain how many enterprise customers this will affect.
Simon Black

05-10-2022 01:44

Hi Ricky,

Is there anyway to (at least) postpone the change for a while?

BR Marcel Ostendorf

05-09-2022 12:56

Hi All,

I appreciate the feedbacks.  As mentioned below there are additional planned updates to Interactions UI that will require full width real-estate.  Mentioned in the deprecation announcement last year, custom embedded apps in the top menu bar that agents often use while handling interactions should consider moving them to Interaction Widget.

@Malcolm Green could you elaborate on " 'auto expand' so the Script panel expanded automatically when the Interaction was delivered...." ? ​​

05-09-2022 10:40

The original feature should really, really not be changed as this will limp the usability of a whole bunch of AppFoundry implementations, that need the Split Screen.
Removing the splitter will result in customer complaints (like mentioned by a lot of Community Users on this post).

I would vote for the option mentioned by Malcolm Green, BTW....​

05-02-2022 10:23

So you can either display the script or other performance views/installed apps... 

This is a terrible "NewFeature"

05-02-2022 02:01

Team, Any impact to existing integrations e.g. surveydynamix which agents are using parallelly while handling interactions? Appreciate if anyone can respond.

05-01-2022 20:00

Further to my previous comment, it's been suggested that an alternative (preferred ) option would be 'auto expand' so the Script panel expanded automatically when the Interaction was delivered to the Agent.

05-01-2022 19:29

As with most contributors here, I'm disappointed that this is not configurable.

We have several customers whose Agents use the right hand portion of the screen to display options from the top menu, such as Performance Views. They will now be forced to display that in an additional tab which, as we have been told, can be problematic.

04-29-2022 09:25

Honestly, I find it incredibly disappointing that you are going to force this change without making it a user definable customization or a organization customizable option.

This is going to make it very hard for supervisors to watch queues and do interactions at the same time. 

If real-estate is needed for call scripts (Which is one of the issues we had) I would find it more preferable for the people tab to not pop on its own all the time when a person isn't found (And quite frankly, I wish that was a user customizable option).

04-28-2022 02:30

@ Emily Kammerer and Ricky Phung: Totally agree to You Emily. We should be in a Position to decide wether we want it to display upon offering or answering and that this is a bare minimum. The deprecation (at least for our org) should not take place until we have an alternative to what is planned up to now.​

04-27-2022 11:16

I see your point about it being disruptive, but it seems to me that handling interactions would be a high priority activity, so having the interaction UI display when an interaction is offered doesn't necessary seem like a bad thing. At a bare minimum, the ideal would be to have this be a configurable setting so that organizations can decide if they want it to display upon offering or answering.

04-27-2022 11:02

@Thomas Repking displaying the Interaction UI when interaction is offered/alerted would likely disrupt agent from other activities.  Not aware of other way to run both Dashboard and Interactions in one tab after the deprecation goes into effect.​

04-27-2022 03:02

Would it be possible to display the Interaction UI once the Interaction is offered rather then when it is answered? Or is there any other way that we can run Interactions and Dashboard in just one tab? It is annoying that the acoustic alarm rings in every tab if you use more than just one at the same time.

04-26-2022 12:17

@Emily Kammerer I want to follow-up because I may have misunderstood your earlier comment about offered/connected.  I meant to say the Interaction UI is displayed full width when the Interaction is answered.  Apology for the confusion.​​​

04-26-2022 07:08

we still are really unhappy that we are going to loose this collapse/expand control

04-14-2022 14:37

With regard to comments about split screen view. I understand agents are accustomed to current behavior although at cost of less optimal user experience on the Interactions UI. I appreciate suggestions on ways to maintain both and will convey them to UX group. Unfortunately amount of screen space is limited which requires we prioritize the Interactions UI, the main tool for agents to handle customer interactions, as primary need. Secondary need unrelated to the active interaction is one click away.  There are additional updates which will take advantage of full width Interactions UI later this and next year.  More details to come.

04-14-2022 13:26

@Emily Kammerer correct, the Interactions UI displays fullwidth when agent is connected with customer.  Although there are multiple ways to switch back to previous view, I find clicking on the Interactions icon on the side bar the best due to larger click area and requires less mouse navigation and precision.​

04-14-2022 09:25

@Ricky Phung Our agents use the dashboards to monitor for unanswered calls and shortcut interactions should that be necessary. This change will have a direct impact on our service levels. Agents should have the choice (as they do today) to display one, the other, or both.
If you have to change this functionality, then provide the ability to open multiple windows. This would also work better in a multi-screen environment.

04-14-2022 03:11

We have just become aware of this coming change and it is going to be a big problem for some of our clients whose agents use it to monitor queues on the split screen. 
I understand that when collapsed it is not the best view for users, however once they know how to expand / collapse, no problem...
Would it not be better to just default to fullscreen when clicking on interactions icon and leaving in place the collapse/expand option? To just take away this feature, when some portion of users are going to be used to it, seems harsh...

04-13-2022 20:36

@Ricky Phung Thanks for the reply. I did see that in the video, but it also appeared as though the user had just logged in. I, too, am concerned about the dashboards and so I wanted to know if a user has a dashboard or other Performance Workspace tab open, will it return them to the interaction UI when a new contact connects and hide the workspace tab. To confirm, you are saying that it will - is that correct?​

04-13-2022 20:24

@Emily Kammerer as you can see in the video clip.  The interaction is automatically displayed full view as soon agent is offered/connected with customer.

@Sven Schiller @Thomas Repking Thanks for your comment about the need to view the dashboard simultaneously. I understand seeing the dashboard is an important part of agent's day. Do agents need to see this information 100% of the time while handling interactions?  The current behavior leaves very little space for presenting contextual information to agents to effectively handle the interaction (especially digital) resulting in having to manipulate the UI sizing which leads to poor experience.​​​​

04-13-2022 15:55

Same for us, the agents display a dashboard at the same time as handling interactions. If you have to remove this useful feature, please provide an alternative, such as the ability to open multiple windows.

04-13-2022 06:58

Thanks for this preview. Between interactions, our agents may navigate to other views; for example, to view their evaluations. I would like to just verify if the agent has another view open, will it automatically change to the interaction UI when they are offered/connected to a new interaction? If not, I would be concerned about the impact to voice interaction customer service. While there is the audio alert, our agents rely heavily on the script loading and being visible when calls connect.

04-12-2022 03:56

Hi Ricky, our Agents display Dashboard and the "half" open Interaction section simultaneously and this would change it completely.

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