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Set time to return to previous status after users disconnect and reconnect 

03-26-2023 23:15

In this video @Fegy Simon reviews the feature "Set time to return to previous status after users disconnect and reconnect". 

Administrators can now set the amount of time that Genesys Cloud returns users their previous status after they disconnect and reconnect. If users disconnect longer than the set time, Genesys Cloud sets users to the Available status when they reconnect. To allow for extended internet outage periods, administrators can increase the one minute default time to up to 24 hours. Administrators can also determine if the reconnect behavior applies to the On Queue status. For more information, see Restore previous presence for agents who disconnect and then reconnect to Genesys Cloud. This feature has no restriction by user or required user to access.

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4 days ago

Thanks for the response Fegy, but it doesn't really answer my question because it's missing specific language. I know it's supposed to reconnect after an unexpected disconnect, but my question still needs clarification. If the agent intentionally logs out by clicking the logout button and then logs back in within the set time, are they returned to their previous status? 

It needs clarification because it can be abused. If we have it set to 120 minutes, for example, they could go on queue and log out for 119 minutes and then log back in and it'll look like they were on queue for nearly 2 hours when they were not.

4 days ago

Hi Jeremy, 

if the Agent connects back to Genesys Cloud within the time set, he will be restored to the previous status. If the time set ,  is crossed, the agent will be put into an available status.

hope it clarifies.

Resource Center Article

5 days ago

This should only take effect if they're unexpectedly disconnected, but I have evidence that a user can log out and then log back in and the presence is returned to its previous state. I don't think this is expected behavior? I can open a case, but want to confirm if logging out and back in within the set time should return their presence.

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