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Suppress call recordings during IVR flow and in-queue segments 

08-14-2023 04:11

In this video @Guru Prasadh Jeevan Rao reviews the highly anticipated feature to Suppress call recordings during IVR flow and in-queue segments. 

Administrators and flow authors can now disable call recording during the IVR flow and waiting in queue portions of the interaction. This feature enables the organization to enhance consumer protection and manage privacy controls, and allows for more efficient recording, transcription, processing, and storage. For more information, see Call recording in Genesys Cloud overview.

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08-21-2023 02:49

Hi @Suresh Uppara ,

Thanks for your comment and forgive the delay in replying. So these two features are somewhat independent of each other. As "Enable Participant Recording" is set at the trunk level to not record until an action in the IVR initiates the recording it would, thereafter, adhere to the surpression settings. Think of trunks with recordings enabled by default, they record the full interaction but, once complete, the surpression setting will determine which segments of that interaction to upload to sorage and available for playback. 

So in the following scnearions:

No surpressions set = enable participant reccording acts the same as ever.

Surpress IVR segment and/or in-queue set = If caller opt-in to being recorded then only the recoring where the caller is connected will upload.

If a caller opts-out of being recorded then nothing will be recorded so there is nothing to upload, whether recording surpression is set or not. 

I do hope this helps!

TAM Studios Team

08-16-2023 15:23

Thank you for providing a comprehensive demonstration. After suppressing recordings, can we proceed to use "enable participant recording", contingent upon obtaining customer consent?

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