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WEM What's Next Webinar | May 2024 

05-20-2024 10:21

What's Next Webinar

Did you miss the May 2024 What's Next webinar??

Hello, WEMers and community members!

Did you miss our May 2024 What's Next webinar, or do you want to watch it again?

You can find the link to the recording right here!!
Passcode:  A?sPi3R2

What it is?
The Genesys Cloud WEM What’s Next Series sessions are intended to provide a general overview of upcoming WEM features releases. Whether you are an existing customer who is interested in getting the most out of your existing solution or a potential customer who is looking to better understand Genesys Cloud WEM capabilities, we encourage you to attend and hear firsthand from the team responsible for this industry-leading WEM solution!
What can you expect from this 2024 What's Next Webinar?
  • With an amazing feature velocity, Genesys Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) released over 100+ features in 2023. In 2024, we aim to continue delivering features at a high velocity, demonstrating the commitment and agility required to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the complete preparation that the Product Management team has for its launch, which will help our customers continue driving productivity and engagement across their operations.

    Please join us in our Live WEM What's Next Webinar, where you will be able to hear from the Genesys Cloud WEM Product Management team, about features we are currently working on, as well as features planned to be released in the following month.


    • Gamification and Performance Management
    • Quality Assurance and Compliance
    • Resource Management

Our Speaker!

Leor Grebler

Leor Grebler
WEM Principal Product Manager | WEM Quality Management @Genesys

With 11+ years of experience, Leor Gerbler is a Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Principal Product Management responsible for Genesys Cloud's native and extended voice transcription services. Prior to joining Genesys, Leor ran a startup that brought to market the first hands-free voice interactive computer, The Ubi. He writes a daily blog on technology, exploring the future and its impact on the world. Originally from Canada, Leor is currently based out of Tel Aviv.

Watch it again!


Workforce Engagement Management What's Next Webinar | April 2024

Watch the recording here
  • You can find the link to the recording right here!!
    Passcode:  A?sPi3R2

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