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  • Thanks for the replies Guys, much appreciated :-) ------------------------------ Matthew Calton Grove & Dean Ltd ------------------------------

  • I hope that I can be there! :D ------------------------------ Carlos Eduardo Santos UOL - Universo Online ------------------------------

  • Hi  Santhakumar, Absolutely! Depending on the content, it may be best suited as a library entry, but if you want to start a discussion around it, feel free! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Cheers, Matt ------------------------------ ...

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  • With the current emphasis on Customer Experience (CX) rather than just customer satisfaction or customer service, I am wondering how many of you out there have a Director of Customer Experience, or VP of CX, or even a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) / ...

  • We at our contact center business, many people are using customer experience and customer service interchangeable but looking closer, there is a big difference - I wrote a blog on the topic. What is your take - I love to hear your thoughts? Where do think ...

  • What tools and methodology are you using to design your contact center experience? Have you thought about looking at Service Design methodologies? Here is a link with my interview with one of the gurus one Service Design. ...

  • FCR (First Contact Resolution) is typically used as a measurement of customer experience and the majority of consumers rank FCR as most valued in a customer service interaction. Yet for many companies, measuring FCR accurately can be difficult. For ...

  • We're looking for an experienced Genesys engineer to join our Ticketmaster team!  Details can be found at #Classifieds ------------------------------ Cindy Lancaster Manager, ...

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  • Hi,  I am a business partner for Genesys.   I have a customer in the Trucking space and is very interested in speaking with a reference in this same space or Logistics at least.   They want to know their experience, reason for purchase, ROIs, difficulties, ...

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  • Hi, Rajini, this is Community is for casual conversation, so you should post your question on the PureEngage Community in order to get an answer to your more technical questions regarding Workspace. ------------------------------ George Ganahl Principal ...

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