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  • Gotta be an Erin/Aaron thing!    @Aaron Lael    HIgh fives all around! haha​​ ------------------------------ [Erin] [Neufeld] [Business Systems Analyst] [Kal Tire] ------------------------------

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  • Hello everybody! Yet again, I have the honor of announcing this month's GCAP Community Members of the Month! With so many rock stars in the community, the decision was tough, but there were two members who really distinguished themselves this month.  ...

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  • Not Supported yet means...not supported. You will be using them at your own risk. That said, here is what Polycom says about the firmware: Q:Is the Polycom UC Software the same between the VVX xx0 and New Polycom VVX x50 Series ? A:Yes So, you should ...

  • I am very pleased to announce the GCAP Members of the Month are Nicole Rastall and Meng Yong Choo ! Nicole stands as a Top 25 Contributor and was able to engage members in the PureConnect Community by asking a technical question that was relevant ...

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  • Hello everyone! The livestream of Xperience19 is coming up in 2 days and the votes for my attire and location during the livestream are tight. I won't release any numbers, but as of now I would have to bring a valid form of identification to the location. ...

  • Matt, That helps; thanks for clarifying.  I added it to my profile.  I'll let you know if I still have issues or not.   Thanks ------------------------------ Mike Spiegel TEC Services Group, Inc. ------------------------------

  • Welcome to the team, Cole! ------------------------------ Clay Tison Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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    RE: Happy Monday!

    Psh. That guy's the worst. ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager ------------------------------

  • Yeah, that's not the dialog I got. I clicked the "Find Your Community" button on the main page, which gave me a list of all the communities I can access. Clicked Join ...

  • Just in case you missed the new event, here is a quick description:  There's never been a better time to be a Genesys customer. With innovations in cloud, digital and AI, we're making great strides every day to bring you the capabilities you need to ...

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