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  • Hi everyone, I would like to deploy a CHAT CANAL but without a CASSANDRA. Documentation say it is optional. And it adds in case of small contact center UCS can manage. Did anyone have some praticals advices i should be aware of ? Thanks in advance NN ...

  • Hey Goutam, Happy to see that you are posting in the community. You may have better luck getting an answer to your question by posting in the appropriate product's community. For instance, are you using Genesys Cloud? If so, I would encourage you to ...

  • Dang, Asheville! It is also hometown to the lead actress from Amazon Prime's "The Vast of Night," which in retrospect should have been on my list, also. That's really cool. I have not watched the documentary yet, but I hear that "Jawline" is based on ...

  • Our training calls use ReadyConference numbers and moderator passcodes to open the conference call to participants. In recent experience, some calls can be completed without issue, other times the call drops from the start.   These calls are made using ...

  • Reposting here on the good suggestion of @Robert Wakefield-Carl ! Hello! We're looking for some insights on how agents provide feedback to their managers / supervisors after interactions. We're hoping to interview a handful of agents and supervisors ...



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