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  • You all voted. Everything was tallied up. We now have a new intro for the Above Average Joes video trailer and a WINNER (randomly picked) for my first-ever Genesys online community contest! Thank you all for being such great sports and chiming ...

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  • @Anton Vroon HAHAA!! Oh my goodness - that's just solid gold!​ ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • To all the amazing community members who participated in my first-ever contest , thank you so very much! It was a close race, but the tribe has spoken!  Tune into the newest episode of The Q&A Show next Friday, where we will reveal not only the new ...

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  • Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a thread about pets with GCAP-branded items. This one is Martinka DC who is turning 11 today. You can check out more of her photos on her Facebook page here . #CoffeeTalk ------------------------------ ...

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  • @Nicole Milliken The Fountain is SO good. Knowing that those visual effects were not generated from CGI is crazy. ​ ------------------------------ Anton Vroon ------------------------------

  • Thanks Matt. Enjoy your vacation. Thank you, Bruce

  • I am stunned. Our very own Kevin, who had never filled out a March Madness bracket is in 2nd place out of 66 entries. That's incredible. He is also in the Percentile 98% out of the entire field of...maybe a million or so brackets? That's so cool Kevin ...

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  • I deserve an air fryer. ------------------------------ Clay Tison Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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  • @Laura Crawford , wow. You caught me. Friday morning got the best of me. I'll never confuse the Iowa Hawkeyes with Brutus again.​ Also, I understand that Brutus is argued to be a nut from the state tree of Ohio, but he'll always be a delicious, ...

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  • The men officially put a bow on their sweet 16 last night and our leaderboard did quite a shuffle to celebrate. Here are the new standings: The game is not over for anyone. IUBB #1 by Chris has a bracket of pure risk and beauty. If Texas Tech can ...


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