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  • Hi everyone! The Genesys Casual community has completed hosting its first "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) event focusing on the topic of the Ideas Portal!   In case you missed out, our experts for the AMA included:  - Ginger Alford ,  Program Manager ...

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  • Thanks for this Feedback Aaron, We will look into providing more detailed statistics on the success of the Ideas Labs. Peter ------------------------------ Peter Segre Genesys - EmployeesPM Operations Program ------- ...

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  • Thanks for this feedback Bethany. ------------------------------ Peter Segre Genesys - EmployeesPM Operations Program ------------------------------

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  • Thank you for asking Cole! User Access can be requested as follows : • Customers can request access through this link: Customer Access • Partners can request access through this link: Partner Access  However, anyone that has My Support access ...

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  • Plus, a league for inner city youth: ------------------------------ George Ganahl GCP (PureCloud) ICCE Principal Technology Consultant Genesys ------------------------------

  • I don't think there would be any survivors, Cole. ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager ------------------------------

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  • Great question!  Votes are automatically returned as Ideas are "Delivered".  Alternatively, votes can be taken back by nonvoting for an Idea.   Regardless, we want to reward active members in the Ideas Community and will happily award more more votes.  ...

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  • Hi. We're looking for some  feedback about our new BETA   Talent Showcase for Genesys Creators (developers and Genesys experts like you!). We hope the Talent Showcase will connect our customers with Genesys Creators around the world. And let Creators ...

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  • Happy December everyone! The holidays are among us and it is time to embrace the season of giving. This month, we want to give a huge shout out to a community member who has given so much. This individual has proven his incredible expertise and commitment ...

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  • Hey everyone, This question came in through email and I wanted to share the answer here thinking it may be helpful. #General #IntroduceYourself #News ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager -- ...

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