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Guess the Date: When will CX hit 4K members?!
27 an hour ago by Nicole Milliken
Multiple Wrap Codes
2 an hour ago by ADAM SUGDEN
Original post by Jason Pratt
User unable to use blind transfer or consult feature when looking to trasnfer the a call
1 an hour ago by Cory King
Original post by Kazi Sajeed
SMS Campaignst - Delivery Receipts
7 2 hours ago by Maisey Harris
Original post by Peter Stoltenberg
Transfer call from one queue to another after X amount of wait time
3 2 hours ago by Paul Simpson
Original post by Emma Budgen
After Call work
14 4 hours ago by Chris Bohlin
Original post by Prem Venkatesh
WEBHID and Jabra headsets
0 6 hours ago by Andrew Lagarde
Creates flowcharts of Genesys cloud or PureConnect interaction flow 85 7 hours ago by Takamune ISHIGE
Outbound Dialler and adding to DNC table
13 8 hours ago by Craig Stevenson
Original post by Ruud Reinold
Move 'Onqueue/OffQueue' presence state to profile - below other states 0 10 hours ago by Harshil Andugulapati
Any guide for Powerbi/Pure Cloud integration to automate the reporting
1 12 hours ago by Vaun McCarthy
Original post by Manzoor Kolathingal
EWT Based On Condition 5 18 hours ago by Ebrahim Shamouli
3rd Party Provisioning for Poly Phones
0 19 hours ago by Will Bellerby
Last agent lookup
5 20 hours ago by Paul Smith
Original post by Andy Jackson
API to Upload Contact List
1 20 hours ago by Brandon Hall
Original post by Daniel Rizete
Genesys Agent Assist with embeddable clients
3 20 hours ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Alistair Taylor
Panel Manager -> open messaging
8 21 hours ago by Enrico Preite
Help needed about Agent assist
0 21 hours ago by Mohamed Hartal
NEED HELP! (Coaching on Live Interactions)
6 23 hours ago by Nicole Dehn
Web Messaging - Customer Inactivity Setting
3 23 hours ago by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
AMA Coming Soon - Analytics Dashboards
0 yesterday by Matt Lawson
Blocking prank calls 21 yesterday by Ryan Cheesman
Original post by Pietro Messina
0 yesterday by Diane Stephens
Can you provide an expression to block the ANI for example +912345678967 from Data table 2 yesterday by Manzoor Kolathingal
Display issue when viewing group members by inclusion rule?
0 yesterday by Vaun McCarthy
Block numbers based on data table
7 yesterday by Manzoor Kolathingal
Original post by Donny Willems
Biometric voice authentication 4 yesterday by Vincent Sabolboro
Original post by Amber Krueger
Genesys cloud does not support the SSML
7 3 days ago by Rakesh Singh
Predictive Engagement with chatbot 1 3 days ago by Vaun McCarthy
Original post by Richard Dib
display business hours when transferring
2 3 days ago by Vaun McCarthy
Original post by Lim Vo
In a recording policy for Specific Users, is there a API available to pull the names of that policy? 1 3 days ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Jean Lam
Queue_ID for In-Queue Flow Used By Multiple Queues 4 3 days ago by Nichole Conway
Salesforce Phone Integration Breaking in Specific Queue 0 3 days ago by Katee Ice
Genesys Communicate iOS and Android Apps 2 3 days ago by Ed Crabtree
Original post by Jason Tripp
Knowledge V2
0 3 days ago by Peter Stoltenberg
Classify a call in addition to a wrap code - 1st call resolution
0 3 days ago by ADAM SUGDEN
Schedule view change in WFM?
2 4 days ago by John Elgethun
Outbound Campaign turning off after one call
0 4 days ago by Rechelle McConnell
Annoying banner at the top of EVERY page. Anyone else annoyed?
3 4 days ago by Matt Lawson
Original post by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Routing and Evaluation Methods for Blended Roles 11 4 days ago by Keaton Oberlander
Callback with voicemail option
3 4 days ago by Guy Brown
Original post by Tina Yocum
Call Recording 6 4 days ago by Emily Kammerer
Original post by Josh Steinkamp
Inbound Calls Extension Transfer to Specific Inbound Numbers 4 4 days ago by Claudette Reid
Knowledgebase seach results limited to 3 articles 0 4 days ago by Marcus Daley
Azure Active Directory for Genesys Cloud SCIM
5 4 days ago by Robert Herms
Original post by Edgar Pum
Agent Desktop Profile Panel Change with GA Release on Wednesday 22nd March
2 4 days ago by Dan Arra
Original post by Aoife Kelly
SalesForce and SalesForce Lightening
1 4 days ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Tina Yocum
Adding a UAE DID/Toll Free number to a US Org. 1 4 days ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Martin Bunting
Print/download not ended email
1 4 days ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Marjana Hlebanja
Custom Agent Notifications
1 4 days ago by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Angie Holloman