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Queues Activity
2 2 hours ago by Gordon Thomson
Estimated Wait Time in Queue
1 2 hours ago by Matthew Calton
Original post by David Holeman
How to restrict recording retrieval after transferring a call between divisions?
1 3 hours ago by Gordon Thomson
Original post by Samuel Polgar
Pairing Edge Device against a different Org 2 3 hours ago by Marian OConnell
Dashboard, Longest Waiting
8 5 hours ago by Rasko Radojevic
Original post by Marcel Ostendorf
Debug Calls
2 5 hours ago by Antoine LETOMBE
PureCloud Voice - Contact center Agent support Mobile phone 16 6 hours ago by Radek Paclt
Original post by Shalom Benzaquen
Duration in Queues Activity - Agent Details
2 11 hours ago by Darlene Oordt
Original post by Peter Dougherty
Funky time format in new option for HH:MM:SS output in Views
1 11 hours ago by Darlene Oordt
Original post by Greg Barrett
List of all phone numbers
1 15 hours ago by Jeremy Lee
Pictures in canned responses
2 17 hours ago by Bob Shappell
Bridge Deprecation - AD user synch alternative
11 19 hours ago by Edward Wu
Original post by Mayeul BRIVET
Cant Collect Input in Flow
0 20 hours ago by Pradeep Joshi
Secure Call Flows 7 21 hours ago by Dean Thames
Backing up data
2 23 hours ago by Brian Bradshaw
Original post by Danna Shirley
504 Error @ PC Resource Center SEARCH
17 yesterday by Rasko Radojevic
Original post by Oktay Kemal
AMA Intro - Adam Firestine, Senior Engineer and UI Expert
0 yesterday by Adam Firestine
Hiding or Masking Customers Phone Numbers (Caller IDs)
0 yesterday by Oktay Kemal
Workforce Management schedule change audit file?
1 yesterday by Brian Weber
AMA Introduction - Rebecca Owens, Product Manager 3 yesterday by Ratnarajah Rajkumar
Original post by Rebecca Owens
Export Interactions
26 yesterday by Darlene Oordt
Original post by Patrick Orsborn
routing queue voicemail to external contact
4 2 days ago by Gordon Thomson
Original post by Tonna Winkers
Disconnect Reasons for Inbound Calls 4 2 days ago by Gordon Thomson
Original post by Charaf Eddine Chemlal
Removing an agent from PureCloud
18 2 days ago by Gordon Thomson
Original post by Tonna Winkers
Third Party Chat integration
5 3 days ago by Mohammad Khaleel
Get Phone Number of Customer on WhatsApp
0 4 days ago by Noufal Ebrahim
Anyone use PureCloud Softphone?
6 5 days ago by Sven Schiller
Original post by Kymberli O'Hagan
AMA Introduction - Gage Decker, Tech Support Engineer
0 5 days ago by Gage Decker
Error with purecloud softphone install process
0 5 days ago by Gladys Galabay
Microsoft Edge Chromium and WebRTC
0 5 days ago by Rasko Radojevic
Use of SMS communication within Purecloud
0 5 days ago by Nik Jones
Screen-pop for incoming calls in Purecloud ? 4 6 days ago by Oudderhem Mostafa
Log of users who listened and downloaded recordings
1 6 days ago by Lesley Vereen
Original post by Cesar Arribas
New color scheme for PureCloud
24 6 days ago by Darlene Oordt
Original post by Clay Tison
Inline images to email (PureCloud), & acceptable formats 0 6 days ago by Matthew Brannon
Queue Selection based on Language
9 6 days ago by George Ganahl
Original post by Noufal Ebrahim
PureCloud Weekly Release Notes - 11/6/19 0 6 days ago by Cole Callahan
Random issues, are you having the same? 35 7 days ago by Will Bellerby
Original post by Erin Neufeld
Official Group Visibility
5 7 days ago by Patrick Rada
Original post by Zach Munsey
PureCloud Queue TimeOut after alerting
1 7 days ago by Ray Richardson
Original post by Kleid Gjataj
Time stamp for v2.routing.queues.{id}.conversations
0 8 days ago by Kathie Phung
Platform API websocket
2 8 days ago by Becky Powell
Original post by Kathie Phung
Data action IP restriction resource center disclaimer
2 9 days ago by Javier Del Olmo
Purecloud softphone updates - UAC prompt? 6 9 days ago by Chris Williams
Original post by Paul Rushworth
Dialing 911
0 11 days ago by Sam Adams
Polycom Firmware Update - Genesys Notification for Availability 4 11 days ago by Luke Mitchell
Task call duration in Salesforce with multiple interactions
0 11 days ago by Paul Dittrich
Job Opportunity in San Antonio 0 12 days ago by Bill Pfennig
Using Email.Message.autoGenerate in email flow
4 12 days ago by Rasko Radojevic
External Contacts
2 12 days ago by Monica Michaud
Original post by Dean Thames