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  • Thank you so much! ------------------------------ Sascha Gagalon NTT Germany AG & Co. KG ------------------------------

  • So close! Congratulations to @Sascha Gagalon ------------------------------ Amy Sessions City of Clearwater - Cutomer Service Manager ------------------------------

  • Hey Everyone, Don't let it be said that bonus points can't make a difference! In this case, both of our second-place finishers hit that achievement thanks to bonus points, passing up four contestants in the process. So let's start by giving a round ...

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  • ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager ------------------------------

  • That does not make me confident in my answers... lol. ------------------------------ Amy Sessions City of Clearwater - Cutomer Service Manager ------------------------------

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  • I just took a peek at the scores and this may be the most challenging Trivia Event we have hosted to date. Scores are all over the place, so it is everyone's game. Just my way of reminding everyone that the bonus points will be huge and probably determine ...

  • I'm sorry to miss it. Would love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda. ------------------------------ Gina Palmer Manager, Workforce Management Papa, Inc. ------------------------------

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