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Kryterion Test Center - Self-Reschedule Exams

  • 1.  Kryterion Test Center - Self-Reschedule Exams

    Posted 04-02-2020 14:12

    If your exams were migrated to the COVID-19 placeholder center, you may self-reschedule your exams. The rescheduling steps are simple and can be found here.

    You may contact Kryterion Customer Support to have your delivery type changed from KTN to OLP (Online Proctored) at no charge. You will need to provide the following information to Kryterion Customer Support Team:

    • Test Sponsor - Genesys
    • Name and/or Username
    • Name of the Exam
    • Preferred Date and Time

    The Kryterion team will reschedule your exam, and you will receive a confirmation email.

    Self-Rescheduling Benefits:
    • Self-rescheduling is the fastest and most convenient way for you to lock-in your preferences for location, date, and time.
    • You are the one that is best qualified to evaluate your testing options based on availability, convenience, and personal preference.
    • With an unprecedented number of test center closures (about 80%), Kryterion is experiencing higher-than-average wait times. Self-rescheduling allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing you've secured the delivery method, location, date, and time of your choice.

    Thank you!


    Sheela Sridharan
    Program Manager - Certifications
    Genesys University

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