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  • I'm excited to announce Beta availability for Skills Based Dialing for Preview & Progressive Campaigns. Skills based dialing is a tool that will allow several campaigns to be merged into one with specific records assigned to a skill in the contact list. ...

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  • Hi Gina, There is n number of topics available for WFM related, found one related to TimeOff. Posting below FYR. ------------------------------ Sumant ------------------------------

  • I have had this issue among others. Most times that has this issue is if i forget to click on the agent assist button and then click on it part way through the conversation, it fails to initialise properly. ------------------------------ Anish ---- ...

  • Due for GA next week according to roadmap ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ------------------------------

  • Hi Andy, I've sent you an email, did you receive it ? ------------------------------ Catherine DUPIRE NXO FRANCE SASU ------------------------------

  • It would be good have , API conectors with Speech external third party provider to include regional voices are not well implemented in actuals speech providers. Anyone more think the same as me? Regards, Sergio #BetaAnnouncement #BetaUpdate ...

  • You will need to contact SF to get it enabled if you dont already have. One of our test accounts had it enabled and i had it working however, so many questions :) ------------------------------ Anish ------------------------------

  • Yeah makes sense Angelo - need to draw the line somewhere. If we go GA and discover pretty quickly once this is actually out there that the non-Genesys, non-CX people are actually misinterpreting the wording of some of the labels, what's the likelihood ...

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