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  • Welcome to the Genesys Cloud Beta HQ! We created this community in direct response to your feedback looking for a better way to access information and updates on the Genesys Cloud Beta process.  This is an open community available to any Genesys Cloud ...

  • Hi Everyone, Just wanted to confirm if there is any ETA for the orchestrator idea? Few client asking for same use case which is GC to have the flexibility to update 3rd party database (via API) for certain interaction event.  I do understand AWS event ...

  • Thanks Matt! ------------------------------ Mary Gardiner Genesys ------------------------------

  • Hybrid Media Orgs is set to release any day now. To get an overview of the new feature and to hear some questions from community members get answers, check out the latest episode of the Genesys Community's Q&A Show!   Is there a Beta that you would ...

  • Hey Ryan - yes, you can reach out to me directly on this.  I'm running this as a bit more of a closed beta, hence I have not advertised in the beta community but I'm happy to learn a bit more about your use cases and see what we can do to get you enabled. ...

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  • Hi all, We are excited to announce the beta program for improving the waiting time for playback & download of recordings. QM evaluators and supervisors conduct quality reviews regularly, which often means they open up the Interaction Details View of ...

  • Hi Jody, Thank you for the update Regards Melvyn ------------------------------ Melvyn Runghen Paxyl Solutions ------------------------------

  • @Vince West Wahoo! You're very welcome!​ ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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