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  • Thank you Steve for reposting ------------------------------ Nicholas Robinson Senior Product Manager Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hi All Good news! This feature will now go live globally next week. Keep a look out for the feature in our release notes and documentation. Thank you, ------------------------------ Thomas Prendergast Genesys - Employees --------------- ...

  • @Jan Heinonen Thank you for sharing! Your feedback about the trash icon is being reviewed by our design team, and our engineering team is looking at the scroll bar issue. ------------------------------ Amelie Wisniak Genesys - Employees ------ ...

  • Hi fans! We are seeking new talent for our Community Rockstar program . If there is someone in the communitiy who really helps you, answers your questions, posts helpful information, or provides valuable resources (a.k.a. a person you like ...

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    Messaging UI

    Hello- I applied on behalf of one of my customers for the Beta trail of Messaging UI. Could you please advise if its been accepted and when it is due ? #BetaUpdate ------------------------------ Bill Gleeson Connect Managed Services (UK) Limited ...

  • Yes there's a bit of disappointment going around about this decision at the moment. Like you Jan, I think it would have been a much easier pill to swallow for it to be included as possibly GC2 with a pay per usage, or GC3 with a fair usage. I'm trying ...

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  • I am happy to announce we will be releasing the Beta next week, it will be turned on in the participants orgs on 17th April. I will be emailing applicants individually with more detail. Rebecca ------------------------------ Rebecca Owens Senior ...

  • Hi all #BetaAnnouncement #BetaUpdate ------------------------------ Sivakumar Arumugam Connect Managed Services (UK) Limited ------------------------------

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