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  • 1.  Beginners certification

    Posted 01-23-2020 00:55
    Hi All,

    I'm planning to get trained and certified on pure engage cloud.
    Could you please  withhelp me all the options we have for pure engage cloud certification

    Sravan Karasudula
    Microsoft Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Beginners certification

    Posted 01-24-2020 09:04
    Contact to you sales manager...

    I'm find this in my information :
    Training for engage cloud (Basic):

    Exam for admins :
    GCA - PureEngage - Cloud Administrator 8 (GE0-830 / GCA8-CLA-830e)

    Rodrigo Hernandez

  • 3.  RE: Beginners certification

    Posted 01-25-2020 01:43
    Thanks for the info Rodrigo.How can i get the course info and cost of the certification.

    Sravan Karasudula
    Microsoft Corporation

  • 4.  RE: Beginners certification

    Posted 01-24-2020 10:36

    When are we going to see more courses for release 9?

    Vincent Sabolboro
    ATB Financial

  • 5.  RE: Beginners certification

    Posted 01-26-2020 23:21
    Edited by Gayathri Rajan 01-26-2020 23:21
    Hi Sravan,

    GCA - PureEngage - Cloud Administrator 8  Certification is for PureEngage Cloud Course.  It is currently on the Retired phase as the PureEngage Cloud training courses are being updated, and hence the certification is temporarily unavailable.

    PureEngage Cloud customers can still have access to all of our eLibrary and eLearning offerings as a part of their subscription! This includes PureEngage Cloud Agent, Supervisor/Operations, and Administrator training.

    For more information for PureEngage Cloud learning offers, visit the page link shared below:

    Gayathri Rajan
    Certification Lead
    Genesys - Employees

  • 6.  RE: Beginners certification

    Posted 05-04-2021 15:03
    Hi Gayathri,

    Could you please help me with list of updated Genesys certification details.

    Certification which covers Designer , GAX , Reporting , Grat , Agent setup , Speechminer.

    Sravan Karasudula
    Microsoft Corporation

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