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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi everyone,  Nice to meet you, I'm Melissa, the Online Community Specialist here at Genesys. I work with @Matt Lawson , our Community Manager.  Excited to be part of the AppFoundry Community.  I'm new to Genesys, hitting my 60 day mark very soon. ...

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  • Hello everyone! The AppFoundry team is thrilled to welcome you to our community page. We created this page as a space for partners, customers, and Genesys teams to come together to learn more about all things AppFoundry. Here at Genesys, we always ...

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  • Thanks Matt sure .... Here is MORE information on Digital Base...Always ready to help out! ------------------------------ Kevin Bryan Digital Base Productions ------------------------------

  • Hello everyone! I am Kevin Bryan and am Owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Base Productions. Digital Base is a global voice over studio with access to multiple languages for voice overs and translations.  Digital Base has been ...

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  • Share your experience about navigating and exploring the Genesys marketplace. I'll start, it's easy and very straightforward, any issues you encountered? ------------------------------ Katrina SAMpher Genesys - Employees ---------------------------- ...

  • I am thrilled to see more apps in the Genesys marketplace that are free-trial enabled. I wonder which of those are easier to setup and navigate most especially during these times that many are working from home! ------------------------------ Katrina ...

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    App capabilities

    Hey there! I wonder what type of app capabilities that helps most businesses today. How did that app supported your customer and team collaboration? Tell us more about these apps! ------------------------------ Katrina SAMpher Genesys - Employees - ...

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