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  • Hi team, Exploring the PMC content, I found that some items, such as the Press Release Template and Branding Folder , don't have links associated with them. They could be located in: Partner Portal Marketing > AppFoundry Marketing Activities > Explore ...

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    3CX Voice gateway

    Good Morning It is possible to integrate Genesys cloud with 3CX Voice gateway by SIP trunk? ------------------------------ Sajed Salah Fourth Dimension Systems LLC ------------------------------

  • Hi Alan, I just noticed your inquiry and wanted to share a helpful resource to answer it. The "Genesys Cloud Supported Languages" article from the Genesys Resource Center lists all supported languages for every Genesys feature that uses language, including ...

  • Thanks Max, I have just sent you a request for contact, Many thanks ------------------------------ Sandra Pigram Delacon Pty Ltd ------------------------------

  • Greetings, We are using the Textel App in GC for text messaging. When looking at their interactions our agents are unable to see the phone number the text came from because the Remote Column is masked for text messages. This only happens with ...

  • Hello Patrick, first of all my apologies for the late reply! Thanks for getting in touch on this topic. I'm gonna have a look at the App Foundry and will contact you some time at the beginning of 2024. In the first place, we need to take care of a ...

  • We are overjoyed to introduce the Genesys Community's "Kids Ask, Community Delivers" program , where children wrote to "The Big Man in Red" asking for presents they'd like to see under their trees. But we need YOUR HELP WITH ...

  • Kazi, I think Email Ninja had a name change recently and is now Genesys Cloud Email Wizard ( If you scroll to the bottom of that listing you'll find additional ...

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  • @Stefan Ostwald experienced a similar issue when installing the bot connector. The support team advised missing "BYOT Rate D" which is required for the bot connector and to contact sales or CSM to enable subscriptions to use the Genesys bot connector. ...

  • Hi Robert, Appreciate the feedback. I did check the integration and we have the allow-scripts,allow-same-origin,allow-forms, allow-modals. We will keep digging in and see if we can overcome this. ------------------------------ Michael Meadows ...


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