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  • Hello everyone! The AppFoundry team is thrilled to welcome you to our community page. We created this page as a space for partners, customers, and Genesys teams to come together to learn more about all things AppFoundry. Here at Genesys, we always ...

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  • #AppFoundry  has been named the highest-ranked Application Marketplace Integration in  Gartner ® Critical Capabilities for  #CCaaS Download the report ------------------------------ Katrina Sampher Genesys - Employees --------------------- ...

  • Hi All Just wanted to let community members, who are interested in the Insurance market about an upcoming roundtable we are holding at Daisee. It looks at some research out of Sydney University, on how the claims process can impact the outcome of an ...

  • Thank you to all of the AppFoundry Pitch Competition participants! I really enjoyed reading/watching everyone's submission – they were all unique, enlightening and engaging.   After voting closed on Friday night, I tallied the 97 votes that were received, ...

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  • Great video Jaclyn! Very informative of what SuccessKPI offers! ------------------------------ Raian Goode Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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  • " I'm looking for 60% effort, 4000% of the time" - Ted Lasso ------------------------------ Brian Olson Brightmetrics ------------------------------

  • Good video Sarah!  NEed to update your Genesys branding to current though.. PureCloud = Genesys Cloud CX, PureEngage = Genesys Mutlicloud CX..... ------------------------------ Robert Yousey Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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  • Any good  ideas on how to put some life into the community ? ------------------------------ Leighton Jenkins Daisee Pty Ltd ------------------------------

  • Agents working in a single pane of glass ... that's a time saver! ------------------------------ Denise Dunn Avtex Solutions International Inc. ------------------------------

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  • The pandemic has left most consumers with a sense of social isolation, and little patience. For agents on the front lines – it's important to arm them with the knowledge they need in order to empathically relate and resolve.  It's not just about ...

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