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September Instructor of the month

  • 1.  September Instructor of the month

    Posted 09-16-2021 15:16

    Paul Simpson is our featured Instructor of the Month for September!

    Paul started with Interactive Intelligence and has been with us for over 13 years He was initially based in Amsterdam but moved with his family to Indiana in the middle of 2010. Prior to ININ, his career included 5 years as a school teacher and 4 years as a Technical Instructor working primarily for authorized training centers delivering CompTIA A+ and Novell Netware classes. He also has served his time in support!


    Paul currently teaches a lot of the PureConnect and Genesys Cloud classes, except for QM & WFM. He has taught a couple of the Engage classes too. He specializes in classes that are either heavy in programming, or which involve a lot of database access (Handlers, Dialer, and Custom reporting, API, Architect, Outbound and Scripting). His favorite classes to teach are PureConnect Custom Reporting and the Genesys Cloud Secure Workflows Workshop (which he put together) and has delivered some of the Webinars we offer. He is always interested in any additional ideas for topics, so if you have something you think would make either a good Webinar or a good Workshop, let him know!


    Paul tends to think of himself as a bit of a homebird and feels that spending time with his loved ones is what matters. He has several hobbies, which include trying to get two YouTube channels started. He does not have a "favorite vacation spot", but one place that stands out is California, when he went to both Universal Studios (because, "well it's Universal Studios!") and then on to the Sequoia National Park. As a family, they like visiting Nashville because of the whole vibe of the place and it is home to his favorite brewery – Big Woods.


    Paul currently teaches classes out of North America and says: "one of the best things living in Indiana is the cost of living (particularly property) is so much lower than he had back in England" (Although his wife would say that it just means he has more space to store junk!) and "the people are very friendly."


    Fun fact – his wife really IS Maggi Simpson!!


    Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Paul or have a memory that stands out!



    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery

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