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Mascots are in! Share your love.

  • 1.  Mascots are in! Share your love.

    Posted 10-04-2021 14:39
    Edited by Melissa Ly 10-14-2021 13:42

    Hey Genesys Community!

    Thank you all for the 26 incredible mascot design submissions over the past few weeks. Our esteemed panel of judges @AARON LAEL, @Trent Vance, @Davide Giglio, and Kevin Bryan need all the help they can get to narrow it down to a final four!

    Have a favorite mascot or two? Show your support! Every like, comment, etc. will be taken into our judges' careful consideration.

    Showing your support also has its benefits. Everyone who 'likes' their three (3) favorite submissions gets a second entry into the voters' contest, and if you comment on one (1) of your favorites, you get a third entry in the drawing. The winner of the voters' drawing wins a $25 Gift Card!

    Check out all the submissions we've received. Pro tip: you can click on the image below to view the mascot's discussion and show your fandom.

    Member Name Mascot Name Mascot Design
    Benji McDonald Catt Pawson
    Barbara Martin Cool Hand Luke
    Raymond Hicks Friday
    Irish Ann Reyes FurryChill
    Wendy Coffey Genephant
    Ed Crabtree Gengyr the CX dragon
    Sonia Alexander Genie in a lantern
    Irish Ann Reyes Geniesys
    stephania casillas gutierrez Genius
    Matt Calton Genny
    Tim De VlAMynck Geny
    Matt Calton GenyBot
    Irish Ann Reyes Girly
    Jeff Kerfeld Holly, the Llama
    Ian Mitchell Loda
    Clay Tison Mattilda
    Kenneth Sparks Mollie
    Dêivis Sanciulis de Freitas Nahal
    Johnson Tse Nd4Spd
    Vince Mendoza Shark
    Miguel Avila Super Chill
    Benji McDonald Tacky
    Beth O'Laughlin The Cairn
    Marissa Felix the gensys peas
    Sudhanshu Bhoi The Orange Swan
    Harshit Parsai Tusker

    Good luck to all of the contestants, and stay tuned!


    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

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