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  • 1.  Screen pop to a local (thick) client (.Net App)

    Posted 07-20-2021 11:42

    Need help with the below screen pop (attached data) setup.

    Our agents will be handling interactions using Genesys's browser-based WWE. Below is the solution we received from the Genesys team

    ―WWE's Custom Integration Web Page sends HTTPS POST request to our thick client (.Net application) on localhost ( and a configurable pre-defined static port 5050.

    ―The JSON body contains a predefined list of attributes collected via the interaction.

    ―Self-signed certificate should be installed on each agent machine or each VDI instance.

    However, if we use a Self-signed certificate we will need 4000 certificates created. Has anyone used this approach?

    If we go with this certificate approach - what is the recommended approach to roll out certificates to 4000+ agents across geographies?

    Any other person who has worked on a similar setup to pass the screen pop data from WWE (browser) to a thick client Desktop App?

    Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks.


    Vikas Prasad
    Macy's Merchandising Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Screen pop to a local (thick) client (.Net App)

    Posted 07-21-2021 11:00

    Creating 4000 self-signed SSL certificates for each workstation sounds like a nightmare that you really don't want to get into. 

    If it were me I'd setup a publish/subscribe service either hosted locally on servers in your data center, or on one of the cloud services like AWS/GCP/Azure.  A small executable running in the system tray on each workstation could start up, connect to the pub/sub server, and subscribe to listen for messages destined for that workstation.  Any messages that it receives would be proxied to the .NET app listening on some port at

    Your hidden custom tab component running in WWE would be listening to Service Client API events and would publish them to the pub/sub server specifying that the message is meant for the agent on that workstation.

    Basically WWE would send messages out to the pub/sub server with the topic specified as the agent/workstation and your proxy component would receive the messages destined for that agent/workstation and pass them to the .NET application.

    Jim Crespino
    Senior Director, Developer Evangelism

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